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Getting Started with Tower & Git

A quick start guide to working with Tower.
Learning resources for the Git version control system.

Managing Repositories

Manage your Git repositories by adding, creating, cloning, and removing.

Browsing Your Working Directory

Browse you working directory files, inspect changes, and commit changesets.

Viewing the Commit History

See and inspect commits in Git's log history.

Working with Branches, Tags, and Remote Repositories

Create and check out branches, merge / rebase changes, and solve conflicts.
Connect to remote repositories to synchronize your local working copy.

Viewing File Trees and File History

Browse any commit's file tree and view the history of an individual file.

Working with Submodules

Keep external subprojects / libraries cleanly separated with Git Submodules.

Integration with other tools & services

Tower integrates well with a lot of different tools & services.



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