A new major version of Tower is coming. This feature is included in the Public Beta for the new Tower. You can try it out for free by signing up for the Beta.

Tower's "Blame" feature answers the question of "Who changed what in this particular file?".

In Tower's Working Copy view, simply right-click the file in question and choose Blame.

The blame view will open in which each part (or even line) is commented to inform you:

  • who was the author of this line or part in the file
  • when the change was made and
  • as part of which exact commit.

Click on the gray area in the right column to see a quick overview of the commit that changed this particular line or part.
You can use the top bar to switch to different revisions or other files.

Tip: If the file in question isn't currently modified, remember to have Tower display all of your project's files (not just the modified ones) via the View main menu.