Managing SSH Public Keys


Authentication with remote services is often accomplished with SSH Public Keys. While being a very secure and professional method, it can be a bit tedious to set up and manage. Tower makes this easier by allowing you to manage SSH keys for your accounts right from within the app.

With a service account selected in the sidebar, activate the Public Keys tab on the right to get an overview of this account's keys.

More information about SSH Public Keys
You can find detailed instructions on how to create and handle public keys in general on our learning platform

Adding a Public Key


To add a public key to a service account, you need to click Create Public Key on the top of the list of existing keys.

In the following dialog, it's crucial that you (a) only enter the public part of your key and (b) enter it exactly as it's contained in the .pub file.

Deleting a Public Key

To delete a public key from your service account, simply click the Delete button on the right of the entry in Tower. Your local key files will of course not be deleted hereby; this affects only the saved key in your service account.

Editing a Public Key

Tower does not support changing or editing a public key item - because it's extremely fast & easy to simply delete and recreate a public key through Tower's interface.