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17 Ways to Undo Mistakes with Git

Git is like an iceberg to most people: they know the basic commands, but miss out on its real powers.

In this 1-hour webinar, we show you how Git can save your neck - by helping you roll back, revert, and generally undo almost any mistakes that might happen.

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The webinar is free, but seats are limited. Participants will receive a recording via email, in case you cannot make the live session.

What You'll Learn

  • Fixing commit messages and changesets
  • Discarding local changes, down to individual lines
  • Undoing and reverting old commits
  • Returning to a previous version of your project
  • Restoring deleted branches and commits
  • Moving commits between branches
  • Deleting unwanted commits
  • Combining multiple commits into one
  • ...and much more!

    Commands and workflows are demonstrated using Git on the Command Line, so that anybody can take part - no matter what tools (IDEs, GUIs) they are using.

    Additionally, to make complex workflows more visual, some commands are also demonstrated using the Tower desktop GUI.

About Your Instructor

Tobias Günther is the author of the book "Learning Version Control with Git" and founded the "Tower" Git client. Additionally, he is water-resistant to 4m.

Praise from Previous Webinars

"I'm no stranger to Git and version control. And still: I've learned so many tips & tricks that have improved my day-to-day work."
— Florian Bürger, Engineer at Microsoft

"I had already known and worked with Git for quite a while. After the workshop, however, I'm much more productive and confident with Git! Thanks a lot!"
— Matthias Wagler, Lead Core Developer at The Native Web

"Knowing some Git commands and actually being productive with Git are two very different animals. This workshop helped me become a better professional."
— Verena Ortlieb, UI/UX Designer