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17 Ways to Undo Mistakes with Tower

Git is like an iceberg to most people: they know the basic commands, but miss out on its real powers.

In this 1-hour webinar, we show you how Tower can save your neck - by helping you roll back, revert, and generally undo almost any mistakes that might happen.

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The webinar is free, but seats are limited. Participants will receive a recording via email, in case you cannot make the live session. Please make sure you have the latest version of the Tower Git client installed.

What You'll Learn

  • Fixing commit messages and changesets
  • Discarding local changes, down to individual lines
  • Undoing and reverting old commits
  • Returning to a previous version of your project
  • Restoring deleted branches and commits
  • Moving commits between branches
  • Deleting unwanted commits
  • Combining multiple commits into one
  • ...and much more!

About Your Instructor

Tobias Günther is the author of the book "Learning Version Control with Git" and founded the "Tower" Git client. Additionally, he is water-resistant to 4m.

Praise from Previous Webinars

"I'm no stranger to Git and version control. And still: I've learned so many tips & tricks that have improved my day-to-day work."
— Florian Bürger, Engineer at Microsoft

"I had already known and worked with Git for quite a while. After the workshop, however, I'm much more productive and confident with Git! Thanks a lot!"
— Matthias Wagler, Lead Core Developer at The Native Web

"Knowing some Git commands and actually being productive with Git are two very different animals. This workshop helped me become a better professional."
— Verena Ortlieb, UI/UX Designer