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Coming in 10.5

Helloooo Gitmoji! Let's add more expressive commits with emojis like 🎨⚡️🔥✨

You can now type :: to select the appropriate emoji. Emojis will also be displayed correctly in Tower's History. Learn more about Gitmoji here.

In addition to this feature, we bring a small quality of life improvement: when you paste multi-line text into the commit subject field, the first line will go into the subject and the rest into the commit body.

Release Notes


  • We added the “Compare Branches” feature.


  • Now, it is possible to create partial stashes and snapshots.


  • Potential crash when pushing revisions has been fixed.


  • We abandoned the .NET Framework and moved to .NET 8.0.


  • We have improved the presentation of GitHub service accounts. Repositories to which you have been invited as contributor are now grouped as separate organizations.

10.5 Beta

Build 387 Released Feb 28, 2024 Download for macOS 11.0+


  • GitMoji: Tower now supports GitMoji in writing and viewing commit messages.


  • Working Copy: Pasting multi-line text into the commit subject will now paste the first line into the subject and the rest into the commit body.


  • Working Copy: Typing an emoji into the commit subject field altered the font in some cases. This has been fixed.

  • Branches Review: The commit list for a branch was not reloaded when a new commit was added to a branch. This is working as expected now.

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