Release Notes

New features, improvements, and fixes. Here are the recent updates for Tower.

Release overview of Tower forWindowsmacOS

Version 3.1.2

September 19 2018   |   Download (macOS 10.11+)


  • Image Diffing: Images with different aspect ratios are displayed correctly now.
  • Services: Service accounts that are members and collaborators of an organization at the same time do not cause Tower to crash anymore.


  • CLI Tool: The CLI tool can now be updated from within the Tower preferences.

Version 3.1.1

August 07 2018   |   Download (macOS 10.11+)


  • Image Diffing: A crash if no image data can be loaded has been fixed.
  • Pull Requests: Remote URLs are not required to have a .git suffix anymore.
  • Services: A crash when clicking on an organization that invited the user as a collaborator has been fixed.
  • Services: A crash when clicking on a VSTS project has been fixed.
  • Services: A crash when listing repositories on older GitLab instances has been fixed.

Version 3.1.0

July 24 2018   |   Download (macOS 10.11+)


  • Image Diffing: Tower now supports image diffs for a variety of formats (PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, JPEG2000, HEIC), in both the Working Copy and various history / changeset views. In future updates, we will further extend and improve this feature.


  • Reflog: The Reflog list loads faster now.


  • Services: GitLab CE/EE integration now works as intended for servers with a directory install.
  • Services: Bitbucket Server integration now works as intended if account names contain uppercase characters.
  • Services: Tower crashed in some cases when clicking on an organization account or subgroup. This has been fixed.
  • Services: Service repositories of configured accounts were not displayed correctly in some cases.

Version 3.0.2

July 09 2018   |   Download (macOS 10.11+)


  • GitLab Subgroups: Subgroups are integrated in the service view.
  • Pull Requests: Your GitLab subgroup repositories work with the new Pull Requests view.


  • Pull Requests: Pull Requests work with older GitLab instances using API v3.

Version 3.0.1

June 26 2018   |   Download (macOS 10.11+)


  • Activation now works indepedent of the configured system locale

Version 3.0.0

June 26 2018   |   Download (macOS 10.11+)
  • Tower 3 is here!

Version 2.1.0

August 13 2018   |   Download (Windows 7+)


  • Reflog: The Reflog is now available in Tower for Windows.
  • Dialogs: Improved layout in dialogs.
  • Menus: The File menu contains dedicated items for both your License and your Tower account.


  • Remote operations: The whole error message shows in the error dialog, previously only the first line was displayed.
  • Submodule settings: Links to submodules work now.
  • Working Copy: We've made sure the hash for submodule entries is displayed correctly.

Version 2.0.2

July 25 2018   |   Download (Windows 7+)


  • Tracking Badge: Reveals more information when hovered over in the sidebar.


  • Sidebar: We've made sure the header hover area is the same size on all devices.
  • Removing a Project: In some cases, this could freeze the UI.
  • Gravatars: Use the proxy settings too.
  • History: Copying commit info now always returns newest to oldest.
  • Proxies: Under rare circumstances, a proxy configuration could lead to a crash on startup.
  • Apply Patch: We've made sure you can apply any patch.
  • Compare Tools: Errors in the configuration file can't crash Tower anymore.
  • Working Copy: It's possible to discard all contained local changes by interacting with a folder now.
  • Working Copy: The hamburger menu stays in place, even for very long branch names.
  • Help Menu: Updated link to release notes webpage.
  • Getting Started: Updated link to the "Getting Started with Tower" video.
  • Submodules: Path and URL are now editable for the shared configuration.
  • Submodules: Improved state validation for empty and not-existing folders.
  • Submodules Authentication: Using a different authentication than the parent repository is possible through Tower.
  • Self-hosted servers: In rare cases, adding these or using these could lead to a crash.
  • Custom Servers: You're required to have a username for http authentication now.

Version 2.0.1

June 28 2018   |   Download (Windows 7+)


  • We've made sure all Pro features are available during Trial

Version 2.0.1

June 26 2018   |   Download (Windows 7+)
  • Tower 2 is here!

Version 2.x

  • Latest release of version 2.x

Version 1.x

  • Latest release of version 1.x

Version 1.x

2018   |   Download (Windows 7+)
  • Latest release of version 1.x

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