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New features, improvements, and fixes. Here are the recent updates for Tower.

Release overview of Tower forWindowsmacOS
Tower 7.0 for Windows features a shiny, new App Icon for both Windows and Mac!
New App Icon
Tower 6.0 brings Branch Comparison to Windows! This feature is very useful for reviewing all the changes introduced by a branch.
Branch Comparison

Click on the "Compare" icon to compare your current branch with a different local branch. Tower will display only the commits that have been made on the feature branch.

You can also check if a merge would cause conflicts and see if your branch is behind the base branch.

Our latest update introduces an enhanced commit composition experience. Now, you can easily reference commits, files, and issues in your commit messages. Additionally, the editor is customizable, enabling you to define your preferred character limits and choose between soft or hard line wrappings.

Watch this 3-minute video to learn everything that is new in Tower 5 for Windows!

Autocomplete for Commit Messages

Simply type "/" in the subject or body field to reference files, commits, and issues.

The New "Editor" Tab

Your team's commit conventions can now be easily followed by adding a character limit and choosing between soft or hard wrapping modes.

You can now undo a vast amount of Git actions by simply pressing CTRL+Z!

Actions include deleting branches and files, staging and discarding changes, rebasing & merging branches, and even publishing a branch on a remote. Correcting mistakes has never been easier!

Version 3 is packed with powerful new features, a gorgeous new look, and a massive performance boost.
Dark Mode & Visual Overhaul

Version 3 comes with a fresh, new look and a beautiful dark mode.

Quick Actions

One of Tower’s most popular features is now available on Windows. Quick Actions gives you superpowers: it’s easily accessible with a simple keyboard shortcut (Alt + Shift + A) and gives you instant access to a wide range of actions.

History Search

You can filter all the relevant commits by commit message, author, and committer. You can also search for a file name to see all the commits that affected that specific file.

Grouping by Date (History View)

You can now group your repository's commit history by day, week, or month, to easily find the commit(s) you are looking for.

Navigation between Views

We've added the possibility to navigate back and forth between the different views available in the Workspace.


Faster, snappier, smoother - version 3 ships with significant performance improvements across the board.

Introducing Commit Templates for your commit messages and a shiny, new App Icon!
Commit Templates

You can now use Commit Templates when writing a commit message! To manage your templates, go to the new "Templates" tab in the Settings.

New App Icon

We have two brand-new Tower App icons available! They will automatically switch based on your current appearance, but you can customize this behavior under "Appearance".

To celebrate this highly anticipated release in style, we're bringing a lot of color to your codebase!
Syntax Coloring

We're excited to introduce Syntax Coloring to your diff, raw, and blame views, providing support for nearly 200 languages. To enable this feature, simply navigate to the new "Text" dialog located in the Settings.

Additional Text Settings

This update also offers you the option to customize the tab width, along with the flexibility to show or hide invisible characters according to your preferences.


The "Themes" dialog in the Settings now presents more customization options. We've updated every pre-existing theme to support the Syntax Coloring feature, but you can also adjust them to your liking or create your own!

Our latest update brings a completely redesigned merge experience, starting with our brand-new Merge UI! We also implemented some of the most requested features from our community, such as diffing improvements.

Watch this 4-minute video to learn everything that is new in Tower 9 for Mac!

A Brand-New Merge UI

Our new Merge UI will come in handy when you need to understand the status of merge conflicts. It will show you the number of conflicts left to resolve and the corresponding files. In case of a rebase, you will also know which step you're currently in.

Instant Conflict Detection

When merging another branch or revision (by merging, rebasing, or pulling), the dialog will instantly let you know if conflicts will occur.


Snapshots are essentially stashes that are automatically re-applied to the working copy — which can be useful to quickly try out ideas.

You can create snapshots of your entire working copy or capture just a number of modified files. Your work can be retrieved later by accessing the “Stashes” view.

Auto-Expand Diffs in Changesets

Tower can now automatically expand diffs in changesets.

Large Diff Warnings

You will now see a "Show Large Diff" prompt before Tower attempts to display it. You can adjust the threshold in the "Preferences" window.

Reveal in History

You can now locate any commit, branch, or tag in Tower's History view.

Version 8 is all about easier branch management. Say hello to a whole new set of tools to review, pin, compare, and filter branches!

The highlights are presented below, but you can also watch this 3-minute video for more information about each new feature:

Compare Branches

You can now compare a branch against a different local branch to quickly review all the changes that were introduced.

If merging will lead to merge conflicts, a warning sign will be displayed, which you can click to access the conflicting files' file paths.

Branches Review

A new view in the Workspace with several filtering options that allows to quickly pinpoint which branches have been stale/obsolete or can be safely deleted.

Branch Pinning

You can now pin any branch so that it is always there when you need it. Pinned branches will appear in a new "Pinned" section in the sidebar.

Sidebar Filtering

Use the input field at the bottom of the sidebar to quickly filter branches, tags, and submodules as you type.

Filter Tags and Remote Branches

In the "View" menu, you now have the option to see only the newest 50/100/250/500 tags or remote branches.

Tower 7 features a greatly improved commit composing experience! You are now able to mention issue numbers, reference commits, and insert file names directly in the commit message editor.

At the same time, the editor itself is now customizable: set your own character limits and choose if you want to have soft or hard line wrappings.

Finally, a powerful new way to work with Git's "fixup" and "squash" actions has been implemented: try starting your commit subject with the "fixup!" or "squash!" prefixes and see for yourself!
With version 6, we are bringing Tower to the new macOS Big Sur and the Apple Silicon architecture.

From new and redesigned icons all the way to a full-height sidebar and a streamlined toolbar, Tower’s new design feels right at home on Big Sur.

In addition, Tower is now compiled and optimized for the new Apple Silicon architecture, resulting in better performance and battery life.
Version 5 brings some of the most anticipated features to our diff viewer in Tower. With this release Tower is not only becoming much more powerful, most users will also no longer need a separate, external diff tool.
A Powerful New Diff Viewer
Highlight Inline Changes

Especially when a longer line of code is changed, it might be hard to spot what exactly has been changed. Tower can now highlight the exact change that occurred in a certain line, so you can spot changes at first glance.

Show/Hide Whitespace Changes

Depending on your use case and preferences, you might want to either explicitly hide or show changes that are made up of only whitespace. This much requested feature is now available in Tower's diff viewer.

Diff Themes

Customize Tower’s diff view to your liking - change the font type, size, and color. You can either select one of our beautiful, pre-installed themes or simply create your own by customizing the font, the background color, and even the color used to highlight added and deleted lines. You can even share your themes with others.

Diffs for Untracked Files

Tower can now display the diffs of new/untracked files. And it even allows you to stage/unstage/discard parts of their changes - even though they are still untracked!

With version 4, Tower allows you to undo many Git actions - simply by pressing CMD+Z.

Deleting branches and files, staging changes, rebasing & merging branches, or even publishing a branch on a remote: many Git actions can now be undone in Tower, simply by using the keyboard shortcut CMD+Z. Correcting mistakes has never been easier!

Version 3 is the biggest update for Tower in 4 years. We implemented countless new features like Pull Requests, Interactive Rebase, Quick Actions, Image Diffing, and Reflog. But we also delivered a huge amount of improvements and enhancements for existing features like File History, Blame, Commit Details, and Search. Last but not least, a beautiful "Dark Mode" appearance also made its way into Tower.
GPG Support

GPG support has now come to Tower: you can connect GPG keys with your User Profiles in Tower, sign commits automatically and see which commits have been signed - and by who. All of that right from within Tower!


If you're often working with big repositories (i.e. thousands of remote branches, tags, etc.), then this update might be for you: opening such a repository, displaying the working copy, loading changesets, and many other actions are now up to 5x faster than before!

Dark Mode

Along with Apple's introduction of a "Dark Mode" in macOS 10.14, we implemented a dark theme in Tower, too.

Image Diffing

Tower now supports image diffs for a variety of formats (PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, JPEG2000, HEIC), in both the Working Copy and various history / changeset views. In future updates, we will further extend and improve this feature.

Pull Requests

Create, merge, close, comment and inspect Pull Requests right from within Tower! Integrated into our clear, responsive, and powerful desktop interface, Pull Requests become so much more useful.

Interactive Rebase

Interactive Rebase is an incredibly powerful tool - but also quite awkward to use on the command line. But now, in Tower, it has become as easy as drag and drop!

Quick Actions

The brand new Quick Actions dialog gives you superpowers: Give it a branch name and it will offer a checkout. Give it a file name and it will present the file's history. Give it a commit hash and it will show it in the commit history. Fast as lightning, easy as pie.


We've added so many new levels of detail in the new Tower. And at the same time, navigating Tower is now as simple as browsing the web: with the new "back" and "forth" buttons and the improved "Navigation Bar".

Commit Details

We've reworked countless areas in the new Tower. Let's take the brand new "Commit Details" view as an example: with the changeset on the left and lots of space for the diff on the right, you can inspect and review a commit in a more focused manner.


A little-known feature, but one with enormous power: Reflog can restore lost commits or branches, move back to a rolled back state, undo a cherry-pick or commit... and is now available in Tower!

File History & Blame

We have redesigned both the "File History" and "Blame" views from scratch. They have become much more useful and informative.


Search functionality in the new Tower has become much more powerful. You can now search for files almost anywhere: in the Working Copy, in a historic file tree, or even inside the changeset of a commit!

Version 2

No further updates, last release in 05/2018

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No further updates, last release in 06/2014

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No further updates, last release in 11/2021

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Version 1

No further updates, last release in 05/2018

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