Feature Overview

The most powerful Git client comes with countless features, stunning performance and a well thought-out design.

Git LFS. Git-Flow. Git Everything.

Use all of Git's powerful feature set - in a GUI that makes you more productive.


  • Clone & create repos with a click

    Manage your GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, Azure DevOps & Beanstalk accounts from within Tower
    Learn more about Remote Services integration

  • Quick actions

    Switch branches, search for commits, open file history… quick as lightning, easy as pie

  • Automate the boring stuff

    Fetching and stashing are automatically done for you, if you wish

  • Clone in the background

    Downloading large projects happens in the background, while you work

  • Multiple windows

    Have multiple projects open side-by-side

Status / Working Copy

  • All files or only changed ones

    View all files in a folder structure or only changed files as a flat list

  • Integrated diff viewer

    See staged / unstaged changes in integrated diff views

  • Commit changes & amend commits
  • Staging Area

    Precisely define what shall be committed - by staging selected files, parts of files or even individual lines

  • Discard changes

    Discard unwanted local changes in a file, even on a single line basis

  • Revert files to previous states
  • Ignore files
  • Resolve merge conflicts

    A dedicated conflict wizard helps you solve conflicts in an easy, visual way

  • Patches

    Create and apply patches

  • Add, delete, rename, untrack, etc. files

Service Accounts

  • GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab…

    …and other popular services like Azure DevOps and Beanstalk work flawlessly with Tower
    Learn more about Remote Services integration

  • Clone repositories quickly

    No more wrestling with usernames, passwords, URLs and tokens: repositories can be cloned with just a single click

  • Create repositories just as quickly

    New repositories in your accounts can be created from within Tower

Pull Requests

Repository Management

  • All repositories in one place

    Keep track of your repos by grouping related ones, and by filtering or searching

  • Add / clone / create

    Add existing repos, clone from remote servers, or create new ones

  • Open quickly

    Find and open repositories lightning-fast, per drag & drop or without touching the mouse

  • git-svn

    Work with remote Subversion repositories right from within Tower


  • Save your current working state

    Save changes temporarily to a stash without committing and get a clean working copy (e.g. to work on an urgent bug)

  • Reapply stashes

    Even parts of a stash can be applied individually

  • Inspect stashed changes with integrated diff views
  • Snapshots

    Stashes that are automatically re-applied to the working copy to quickly try out an idea


  • git-flow

    Use the popular “git-flow” branching model right from within Tower

  • Git LFS

    Git Large File Storage can be used out of the box, without further installations

  • User Profiles

    Add and manage different profiles to quickly switch your committer identity

  • Integration of external diff apps

    View diffs in Kaleidoscope, BBEdit, Changes, FileMerge, Araxis Merge, TextWrangler, TextMate and more

    View diffs in Araxis Merge, Beyond Compare, Tortoise Compare, WinMerge and more

  • SSH and GPG support

    Set and manage SSH and GPG keys to sign (and verify) commits and tags

    GPG support

    Set and manage GPG keys to sign (and verify) commits and tags

  • Command line tool

    Use Git in Tower and from the Command Line side-by-side

  • Support for Full Screen Mode
  • Optimized for Retina displays


  • Design & usability

    Work with an app that was created to make things quicker & easier

  • Undo everything

    Restore old revisions, revert commits, undo local changes, or recover deleted commits
    Learn more about Undo

  • Drag and drop

    Many complex tasks can be performed easily via drag and drop
    Learn more about Drag and Drop

  • Conflict wizard

    Solve merge conflicts easily in a visual way

  • Navigation

    Move through the depths of your repositories, as easily as in a web browser

  • Unpushed & unpulled commits

    Instantly see which commits haven't been synced with the remote, yet

Help & Learning Resources

  • Learn version control with Tower

    A step-by-step guide for beginners (150 pages) helps you learn Git with Tower

  • Extensive documentation

    An in-depth help book goes way beyond ordinary "documentation"

  • Great customer support

    Friendly email support is here to help

Branches, Tags, and Remotes

  • Push, pull, and fetch from remote repositories
  • See unsynced commits

    Quickly see which commits haven't been pushed or pulled, yet

  • Always up-to-date

    New changes from remote servers are downloaded automatically for you in the background

  • Easily create, delete and rename branches, tags, and remotes
  • Extensive branching support

    Push, pull, publish, track, checkout, or create new branches (from tags, commits, other branches)

  • Merge and rebase support
  • Drag and drop

    Simply use drag and drop to merge, pull, create, and more
    Learn more about Drag and Drop

  • Compare branches

    Compare a branch against a base branch and see how they differ

  • Branches Review

    Easily identify stale branches and view their merge status by comparing your local branches to a base branch

  • Export files from a branch or tag
  • Force push with lease

    Use the safer alternative to git push --force right from within Tower

Commit History

  • History for everything

    See the history for any branch, tag, or even stash

  • Alternative view layouts

    Configure sorting, tree graph, and display size of commits for a perfect view

  • All the details

    See everything from metadata (like author, date, and message) to a precise diff view

  • Undo existing commits

    Revert certain commits or roll back your current branch to a previous commit
    Learn more about Undo

  • File History

    Understand how a single file changed over time

  • Interactive Rebase

    Edit and restructure your commit history, simply via drag and drop

  • Browse any revision's files

    See how your files looked - at any point in time

  • Filter & search
  • Blame view

    See by whom and when each line in a file was changed

  • Cherry-pick for integration of individual commits
  • Export as ZIP and save patches
  • Reveal in History

    Locate any commit, branch, or tag in the History view


  • Keep external subprojects / libraries cleanly separated with submodules

    Fetch, update, open, and manage submodules directly in Tower


  • Restore lost commits and branches

    Git's Reflog helps you undo and restore virtually anything

Requirements & Setup

  • macOS 11+
  • Windows 10 or newer
  • .NET 8.0
  • No Git installation required

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Lukas Spieß

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Tower is by far my favorite Git client and an essential tool in my everyday work.

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Frances CoronelSoftware Engineering Mentor at Thinkful

What took me minutes in the command line now takes seconds with Tower and that's why I'm never looking back.

Felix Krause

Felix KrauseFounder at fastlane

Tower is a solid Git client, a beautiful, native app that does exactly what it should.

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