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Syntax Coloring

New in 10.0

Syntax coloring has been one of the most requested features, and we're delighted to announce that it will be included in version 10!

You can add syntax highlighting to your diff and raw diff views by accessing the new "Text" dialog in the Settings. This dialog also provides other customization options, such as the ability to configure tab width and show/hide invisible characters in diffs.

In addition, the "Themes" dialog now supports theme customization for Syntax Coloring. You can select one of the pre-existing themes, modify them to your liking, or create your own.

Release Notes

No beta release notes available for this product at this time.

10.0 Beta

Build 358 Released Jun 02, 2023 Download for macOS 11.0+


  • Working Copy: A regression caused the Diff view to not automatically reload when the app becomes main again.

  • Working Copy: When viewing larger diffs, there was a chance that the application could crash when an entry was deselected.

  • History: A regression caused images not be loaded in Diff views.

  • History: When quickly switching between commit changesets, syntax coloring could sometimes cause diff chunks to display wrong content.

10.0 Beta

Build 357 Released Jun 01, 2023 Download for macOS 11.0+


  • Syntax Coloring: you can now enable syntax coloring for diff views and raw diff views! Head over to "Text" — our new Settings dialog — to add syntax highlighting to your diffs.

  • "Text": this new Settings dialog also allows you to configure your preferred tab width and enable/disable showing invisible characters in diff views and raw views.

  • Syntax Coloring support in Themes: navigate to "Settings" → "Themes" to customize the way syntax coloring is presented. Select one of the existing themes, modify them, or come up with your own!

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