Git Analytics by Waydev
February 2021 by WayDev

Git Analytics by Waydev

Good leaders are the ones who know how to make decisions. Everyone has different decision-making processes — some base them on gut feelings, while others prefer taking the data-driven approach. Here, we are going to discuss the data-driven approach to managing engineering organizations and the tools you can use.

This is a guest post from Waydev, a service for measuring engineering performance automatically.

Git analytics tools have surged in popularity in the last few years as the search for software development performance metrics has grown bigger. These tools allow engineering leaders to objectively measure engineering performance and obtain a comprehensive overview of the software development activity in their organization.

The pandemic has escalated the need for developer analytics tools, as most engineering teams have been separated and started working remotely, making it harder for engineering leaders to keep up with the work of their employees. Not to mention that the pandemic has caused a decrease in productivity reported by one-third of engineers, according to InfluxData’s survey.

How Git Analytics Tools Work

Let’s dive deeper into how Git analytics tools work. On a closer look, the mechanism is quite straightforward: these tools analyze Git repositories & ticketing activity in real-time. Then, they translate all the activity into clear metrics and reports. These reports enable engineering managers to make better decisions, anchored in the reality of the engineering activity. In the remote context, this becomes essential as this presents the best solution to gauging the level of engagement and efficiency of engineers.

Analyzing engineering activity can be done manually as well, but it would be a laborious and time-consuming practice. More so, it would require developers to shift their focus to completing reports, instead of directing their efforts towards quality software delivery.
This is why we have Git analytics tools such as Waydev, GitPrime (now Pluralsight Flow), Code Climate Velocity, and Jellyfish, which offer automated reports and insights into how developers work.

While they start with the same principles and focus on software engineering performance metrics, all these tools have different approaches and it’s up to you to decide which one fits your organization.

The great thing about Waydev it’s that it has a wider variety of functionalities, enables customization, enterprise-level access control, and offers enough flexibility that more organizational layers can use it.

Waydev's Features

Waydev balances code-level analytics, code review metrics, and project management insights. Achieving this balance speaks for their goal of supplying engineering managers, CTOs, and VPs of Engineering with a comprehensive view over the software development processes.

Waydev is a tool that offers a complete, streamlined experience, by having a fast onboarding process and supporting integrations with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps, Jira, and their on-premise counterparts.

Visualizing and tracking progress is the way to achieve your goals. On this note, Waydev offers targets that help users transform unexplored opportunities into actionable plans by setting realistic, measurable targets.

The target feature can be customized as well, whether you want to set the custom target for an individual, team, or department, all these goals can be tracked. Users can visualize the progress in real-time by setting event-triggered alerts which notify them about the updates via email or Slack.

Waydev enables engineering managers to spot bottlenecks and roadblocks faster by providing visibility into engineering work. Automated reports come with the benefit of reducing the time engineers spend reporting and optimizing the evaluation process for managers.

Waydev’s vision focuses on providing engineering managers and executives with the “most” complete perspective on the activity of their teams. This perspective is built on insights from three data sources: code, pull requests, and tickets.

Feedback is the best foundation for engineers to improve their skills and deepen their knowledge. Traditional metrics, such as counting lines of code, don’t offer a reliable view on engineering performance.

This is where developer analytics tools such as Waydev come into play, with a data-driven approach to evaluating and decision making. Rather you should shift your focus to a long-term, results-oriented approach based on team performance.

Waydev’s Project Timeline feature gives you insights into how work focus and volume have modified over time. Like this, you can spot where your developers’ efforts lie in, be it creating new code, refactoring old code, or helping others.

Many technology leaders struggle with measuring the aspects of engineering performance in the right way, because there are variables such as the industry of the business and the job responsibilities of each developer.

Waydev’s Work Log feature grants an all-around perspective on the engineering activity, you can visualize and analyze any commit, pull request, and ticket that an individual has worked on.

What People Are Saying About Waydev

Here are some reviews from Waydev's customers explaining in-depth how Git analytics tools changed the way they approach software development and decision making regarding their engineering processes.


“Waydev helped us identify the output of our teams. We are able to compare teams and developers and transfer some of the practices that are working well for some of the teams to other teams. Waydev improved the overall efficiency of our engineers.”
— Vaibhav Deshpande, VP of Software Development at Nowcom


“Waydev helps us ensure code quality and quick access to data that would otherwise not have been there.”
— Anton Minnie, Engineering Manager at Caterpillar


“I was trying to understand how my team was performing during the development of new products so I can improve my estimates. Usually refactoring and bug fixing of previous features slow down new ones. With Waydev I was able to identify why the new development was delayed and how much time my engineers spent on the rework of old code.”
— Jorge del Rio, CTO at Wiggot

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