Learn Git - Submodules & Git-Flow
June 2015 by Tobias Günther

Learn Git - Submodules & Git-Flow

For us, Git has changed the nature of version control: from a tedious chore to something that really improved our software development. Admittedly, however, the learning curve for Git can be a little steep...

That's why we provide extensive learning material for Git (and other topics) for free on our learning platform. And just recently, we've added two great new chapters to our Git book.


Many projects include external libraries. Git takes account for this with a concept called "Submodules". Take a look at our new chapter to learn how to get the most out of Submodules (in Tower or on the Command Line).

Workflows with git-flow

Git offers countless ways to get tasks done. Especially when working in a team, however, it's important to agree on a common workflow. With git-flow, a very popular set of workflows is easily available. Read our new chapter on git-flow to understand what it's all about (in Tower or on the Command Line).

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