Leave a Task Unfinished
March 2014 by Dennis Reiman

Leave a Task Unfinished

Some mornings, it's really tough to get started. Dennis Reimann, famous for his iOctocat iOS app, has found a nice litte routine that kickstarts his day.

This is a guest post in our series "A Word of Advice". We're asking successful developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to share a bit from their experience.

Starting the work day sitting in front of a blank slate is a tough thing. I need something that gets me going: a clear task I can act on so that I don't get sucked up by procrastination while avoiding figuring out what to do.

Leaving some work for tomorrow can be a good way to accomplish this: instead of finishing everything today keep an easy task or grunt work as a leftover so that you can easily pick it up and use it to get going tomorrow.

This little trick has helped me numerous times and saved hours I might have wasted trying to get started otherwise.

Dennis Reimann is a freelance software developer who enjoys working on developer tooling - one of his products is iOctocat, a fully featured GitHub app for the iOS platform.

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