Marketing to Software Developers
June 2014 by Robert Reiz

Marketing to Software Developers

Robert Reiz learned the hard way about marketing to software developers. An experienced dev himself, he shares his insights from growing VersionEye, a notification system for software libraries.

This is a guest post in our series "A Word of Advice". We're asking successful developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to share a bit from their experience.

I'm not a marketing expert! I studied computer science and I never really had to deal with marketing. Until I built my own product. Building a software product was the easy part for me. That's what I learned. That's what I did the past 15 years.

Unfortunately, simply building a SaaS product is not enough. You need users who use it - and users who pay for it! So I did "marketing" the way I thought it has to be done: I paid for online ads, sponsored events & conferences, and wasted money on a lot of other marketing activities.

I learned that these efforts don't necessarily bring the desired results. Software developers are different. They don't click on ads! And, by the way: if your conference talk is sponsored, only few people will show up...

So I stopped paying for marketing: since January 2014, I don't spend a dime on marketing!
Now, the only things I do are blog posts and SEO. Since the beginning of this year, traffic has grown by 52% every 3 months. All while not costing any money - just a bit of time for high-quality content.

Robert Reiz is the CEO at VersionEye, a notification system for software libraries. VersionEye helps developers stay up-to-date. The tool started as a cloud solution and now offers an on-premise version for big companies as well.

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