Better than Ever: The New Tower Has Launched
June 2018 by Tobias Günther

Better than Ever: The New Tower Has Launched

Today, after years of work, we are finally launching a brand new version of Tower! It’s packed with awesome new features like Pull Requests, Interactive Rebase, and our unique "Quick Actions". It reinvents many existing features like Search, File History, or Blame. And it takes your productivity to a whole new level!

Although the new Tower has just launched, it has already received tons of praise from our Beta testers:

Esteban Torres
Engineer at SoundCloud
The new Tower adds a lot of great features that help me go on with my day faster; like the ability to create pull-requests directly from the tool.
Frances Coronel
Software Engineering Mentor at Thinkful
What took me minutes in the command line now takes seconds with Tower and that's why I'm never looking back.
Koen Bok
CEO at Framer
Tower is a pleasure to use while it retains the full power of Git. I enjoy using it every day for both design and code work.

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The new version is indeed the best Tower ever. But if you're one of our 100,000 existing customers, we have even more great news: when entering your license key (from any previous version of Tower) in our store, you'll receive a whopping 50% discount on your first year for Tower (for however many seats you need).
And in case you've purchased Tower after March 26, you'll get your first year for free!

But even if you haven't purchased Tower before: for a limited time, our special launch pricing grants a 20% discount and is available for everybody! A great time to finally get started with Tower!

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On top of that, there's excellent news for all of our users who work on both macOS and Windows: with the changes we introduced to our licensing system, we can finally offer cross-platform licenses - allowing you to install Tower on macOS and Windows. No need to buy different, OS-dependent licenses just because you work on both platforms!

In this context, we can also announce that we're finally moving Tower's license model to an annual fee. This is probably neither surprising nor unusual news: many other companies have made similar changes already years ago.
For brevity's sake, let me just state the most important reason why we decided to make this change: Although we had shipped countless small and medium-sized features for free since we launched version 2 in 2014, we had to save up the big features for a new major release. Now, we will finally be able to ship big features more quickly to our customers.

Apart from great new features and improvements, we are also launching a brand new Customer Portal that allows you to better manage your licenses. Especially for teams, this makes inviting users and managing your seats a lot easier.
And in case you’re part of a larger team: Tower is now also available as an Enterprise Edition, tailored to the needs of bigger teams.

Try the New Tower Now

I'd like to finish by saying thank you to all of our customers. Without your support, it would never have been possible for us - a small, bootstrapped team without any investors - to remain an independent small business.
Receiving your trust over the last 8 years has enabled us to not only create, but also to continuously improve this wonderful product - and, in return, help more than 100,000 developers and designers become more efficient with Git.

And despite how far we've come, we still have a lot of exciting stuff on our roadmap. It somehow feels like Tower's journey has really just started!

The Tower team,
-- Alex, Chris, Danny, Heiko, Julian, Pete, Sam and Tobi

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