New Services in Tower 2.3
September 2015 by Tobias Günther

New Services in Tower 2.3

Connect your GitHub, Bitbucket, or Beanstalk account once - and never fumble with usernames and passwords again! The new Services manager in Tower 2 made this true already in 2014.

With today's release of version 2.3, however, Tower even goes one step further: GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket Server (Atlassian Stash), GitLab, and Perforce GitSwarm accounts are now also supported!

Get a great overview of all your remote Git repositories right within Tower. Clone them with just a single click. Or create new ones, just as easily.

Apart from this, Tower 2.3 brings many additional improvements (like support for Bitbucket Team accounts).

Download the latest Tower version from our website - or simply update right from within the app.

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