Undoing Mistakes with CMD+Z in Tower 4
February 2020 by Tobias Günther

Undoing Mistakes with CMD+Z in Tower 4

There's a little keyboard shortcut that makes life a lot easier - and now it's also available in Tower for Mac: CMD + Z. In our latest update, version 4.0, Tower allows you to undo many Git actions, simply by pressing CMD+Z.

Below are some of the many scenarios where you can use this.

Undo Deleting a Branch or Tag

Undo Merging Two Branches

Undo Committing Changes

Other Undo Actions

As well as...

  • Undo checking out a branch
  • Undo deleting files
  • Undo a rebase (or an interactive rebase)
  • Undo publishing a branch on a remote
  • Undo staging/unstaging changes
  • ...and much more!

Most of these workflows would require a series of complex commands on the CLI. Tower takes away this complexity by allowing you to use the same, simple and well-known keyboard shortcut in almost any situation.

Additionally, undo actions will be available via the macOS Notification Center: when you perform an action that can be undone in Tower, the notification will contain an "Undo" button.

You can have a look at this page to learn even more about this exciting new feature!

🎉 Happy undoing! 🎉

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