Now in Public Beta: The NEW Tower
March 2018 by Tobias Günther

Now in Public Beta: The NEW Tower

We’re happy to announce that we have another major new version of Tower coming up! The public release is still some time away, but we are starting a Public Beta program today.

When version 2 of Tower for Mac came out in 2014, we were incredibly proud: we had rewritten the app almost completely and produced a stunning new version. In late 2016, we reached another milestone when we finally brought the app to the Windows platform.

Now, we're ready to present the next major version of Tower in a Public Beta.

The new version is full of awesome features like Pull Requests, Interactive Rebase, a powerful new Navigation concept and our unique "Quick Actions". But it also takes many existing features (like Search, File History, or Blame) to a whole new level.

The app has been in private beta for several months now and has long reached a very stable, well-rounded state. Or, if I may quote some of our testers:

We'll invite new users in batches. Make sure to sign up today to be among the first to get access to the new Tower! All Beta testers will receive a discount for the new Tower when it finally launches.

Join the Public Beta Now

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"The all-new Tower is now in public beta. The best Git client on Mac and Windows adds pull requests, interactive rebase and much more. Join the beta today!"

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