Chuck Norris and the Mountain Lion
November 2016 by Julian Rothkamp

Chuck Norris and the Mountain Lion

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What sounds like the beginning of a (very strange) fairy tale is in fact even cooler: we are launching our own Tower Stuff Store with some really awesome T-shirts and posters. And to celebrate the launch, all products are 20% off until December 4th!

As the makers of Tower, our stated goal is to make version control with Git as easy and productive as possible. You can rest assured that this will stay so - but we also have a bigger, broader goal in mind: making the world of software development more fun!

And why not start with the uninspiringly blank walls in so many offices? Or the inexpressively boring T-shirts we have in our closets?

Today, we are proud to present the cure: our Tower Stuff Store has officially launched!

Awesome Stuff for the Nerd in Us

Our T-shirts and posters touch a broad range of topics: from our favorite superhero Chuck Norris and Apple's Mac OS Cats...

...from our credo as proud software developers and our deep trauma with IE6... our strongly demanded Tower T-shirts.

To celebrate the launch (as well as Black Friday and Cyber Monday), all products will be 20% off until Sunday, December 4th. If you're still looking for a Christmas Present or simply want to treat yourself or your team, this is your chance.

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