Easter Eggs Hunting Season
September 2016 by Julian Rothkamp

Easter Eggs Hunting Season

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You might have already heard the big news: Tower is coming to Windows! If you're interested, sign up for the beta to get early access!

Today, however, we'd like to invite you to have some fun - and win awesome stuff!

Here's how it works:

  • We've hidden a handful of Easter Eggs on our Windows Beta page for you to hunt and discover.
  • Interact with the page in different ways, try things out, look closely...
  • You'll know when you've found one of the hidden Easter Eggs: you'll see a "Congratulations" notice that includes instructions on how to participate.
  • The contest will end on October 9th. Shortly after, we will also announce the winners.

We're giving away 10 packs of our legendary Nerdy Game of Cards, a set of playing cards featuring open source projects and frameworks in a fun way.

Update: Solving the Mystery

The contest is over - but here's a list for all of you who are curious to know which easter eggs we've hidden:

  • Hidden image where the text was the same color as the page's background
  • Double-click on the Tower-Icon
  • JavaScript removal of an element on page load (so you could only see it with JavaScript deactivated)
  • Hover for some seconds over the text element in the page's footer
  • Selection of the text element "Sign up to get notified"
  • Right-click on the button "More about Tower"
  • Device shake on mobile devices (for a couple of seconds)
  • JavaScript command execution in a browser's console (calling the method "Tower.comingToWindows()"...)

We notified the lucky winners via email. Thanks to all of you for participating!

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