Tower 6.4 - Publishing a Local Repository
March 2021 by Julian Rothkamp

Tower 6.4 - Publishing a Local Repository

Tower now lets you publish a local repository on a remote hosting service without ever leaving the app.

With our new Tower release we want to make it easier and faster for you to publish a local repository on your preferred remote hosting service.

New projects are often started locally, on your own hard drive. At the latest when you want to collaborate with others, you need to publish your project on a remote hosting service such as GitHub or GitLab.

Previously you needed to leave Tower and log in to your remote hosting service via your browser. You would then create a bare repo to then manually connect the local repo in Tower to this new remote repository. With version 6.4 Tower does all of this automatically - without you having to leave the app.

You can access the Publish Repository menu item from the Working Copy context menu as well as the Repository main menu.

Tower will create a repository on the selected service, add a remote to the local repository and push all refs (branches, tags) to the new remote. What used to be a three-step process is now a simple action that only takes a click.

Tower 6.4 — Publish Repository

We hope this handy new feature will speed up your workflow! Have fun sharing your repositories with the world. 😊

Version 6.4 also comes with dedicated toolbar buttons for creating a new branch and our Force Push feature. On top of that we shipped a set of fixes and improvements. For a detailed list, please have a look at our release notes.

If you already have a Tower account, make sure to update Tower to the latest version for free.

Not a Tower user yet? Download our 30-day free trial and take it for a spin!

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PS: Did you know? Tower Pro is now free for students as well as teachers and educational institutions!

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