Release Notes

New features, improvements, and fixes. Here are the recent updates for Tower.

Release overview of Tower forWindowsmacOS


Released Jun 14, 2022 Download for macOS 10.15+


  • Dragging files from Working Copy to other apps stopped working.

  • Closing the last open window could sometimes crash the app.

  • Loading available hook scripts for a repository could sometimes crash the app.


Released Jun 01, 2022 Download for macOS 10.15+


  • Skip Hooks: It is now possible to skip the execution of hooks for commit push, pull, merge, rebase and apply.

  • Sidebar: An option to show the number of stashes in the sidebar has been added to the General preference pane.

  • Pull Requests: Branches and Remote Branches can now be dragged on the Pull Requests workspace item to create a new pull request. Furthermore, the Ctrl + Cmd + P keyboard shortcut for creating pull requests is now available in all repository views.

  • DiffTool: The diff tool can now be opened with the current working copy status.


  • Performance: We’ve improved the loading speed for repositories with many tags.

  • Auto-Fetch: Fetch operations are now automatically aborted if no data is received for some time, resolving an issue where Fetch operations block other remote operations until manually cancelled.

  • Pull Requests: The commit and changeset views have been improved. It is now possible to see the diffs for the changeset items of individual commits.

  • Pull Requests: The context menu in the sidebar now has an entry to show a pull request if one exists for the selected branch.

  • Git Flow: The default branch is now "main" instead of "master".

  • History: A keyboard shortcut to toggle the "Compare Branch" feature has been added (Ctrl + Opt + Cmd + C).

  • Branches Review: GPG signature status is now available for commits.

  • Services: GitHub repositories are now created with Issues enabled by default.

  • Git LFS: the version was updated to 3.1.2 and the binary is now universal to support Macs with Apple Silicon chips.


  • Sidebar: Branches could be dragged to workspace items, creating a detached HEAD. This has been fixed.

  • Sidebar: The tag section is not automatically expanded anymore.

  • History: The "Autosquash" button is now disabled if the working copy is updating.

  • Remotes: Pulling with Git versions >= 2.35 could lead to an error in Tower. This has been fixed.

  • Remotes: Updating remotes crashed if multiple values existed for the same key in a remote config section. This has been fixed.

  • Diff Tools: When comparing two branches or tags, the full ref names are now passed to the Diff Tool to resolve any ambiguity errors.

  • Several crashes have been fixed.


Released Mar 23, 2022 Download for macOS 10.15+


  • Repository Sidebar: You can now drag'n drop branches on ref groups to rename them.

  • Repository Sidebar: Tags are now sorted by semantic versioning rules.

  • Repository Sidebar: We've ensured that groups are expanded after creating a new grouped branch or tag.

  • Branches Review: Context menus for commits and changeset views have been added.

  • Branches Review: Information about the merge status and tracking errors are now shown in more detail in the summary header view.

  • Branches Review: Added “DiffTool” as row action to the detail views.

  • Branches Review: A diff stats summary row is now shown in the detail views.

  • Branches Review: All diffs in the “Changeset” detail view can now be expanded.

  • Merge Conflicts: You can now copy file paths in the merge conflicts popover using the context menu.

  • Pull Requests: Pull Requests are now updated in intervals in the background.

  • Tag Filtering: Added lower number options for filtering tags.


  • Branches Review: Filter icon is not colored if filter is active on first start.

  • Branches Review: Deleting one or more branches through the list view can now be undone properly.

  • Branch Tracking: You can now remove the tracking configuration for branches where the tracking brach is missing.

  • Repository Sidebar: Ref Groups are not collapsed properly after clearing the sidebar filter.

  • Repository Sidebar: Fixed branch renaming when dragging a branch onto the "Pinned" section.


Released Feb 15, 2022 Download for macOS 10.15+


  • Compare Branches: In a branch's history, toggle the “Compare” icon to compare the branch against a base branch and show only the commits that have been made on the local branch. This is especially helpful for reviewing all changes introduced by a branch. Also, the number of merge conflicts is now being displayed. Also, a popover will reveal the conflicting file paths on click.

  • Branches Review: Accessible from the “Workspace“ section in the sidebar, quickly review your local branches to identify stale branches and view their merge status by comparing them to a base branch. This helps you to clean up obsolete branches that have been fully merged and can be safely deleted.

  • Sidebar Filtering: You can now filter branches, tags and submodules using the input field at the bottom of the sidebar.

  • Filter Tags and Remote Branches: You can now limit the number of visible tag and remote branch items in the sidebar to the last created/updated ones using the ”View” menu and then “Tags” and “Remote Branches”, respectively. All tags and remote branches remain accessible from e.g. Quick Actions and selection controls.

  • Branch Pinning: Pin branches to a new “Pinned” section in the sidebar. This way your most important branches are always there when you need them.


  • History: If there is a related Pull Request for the currently selected branch, it will indicate this by displaying the Pull Request number in the header.

  • Tags Loading: Initially loading many tags is now much faster and does not prevent other operations from running.


  • Working Copy: In some cases the “Compose Commit” view did not automatically collapse after committing. This has been fixed.

  • Commit Composing: Settings for spelling checks will now persist again for commit subject and body fields.

  • File History: Resolved a drawing issue on macOS 12+ where the graph line was not continuously drawn.

  • Repository sidebar: In some cases, the Repository sidebar could lose its selection and did not display any detail view. It is now ensured that the sidebar always has an item selected.

  • Tags: Updating tags could cause a crash if the repository had been deleted outside of Tower.


Released Nov 08, 2021 Download for macOS 10.15+


  • Adapting latest Bitbucket Cloud API changes which affects updating organization and collaboration memberships.

  • GPG: Tower could not find GPG binaries installed by homebrew on Apple Silicon Macs. This has been fixed.


Released Sep 29, 2021 Download for macOS 10.15+


  • Commit Composing: You can now disable service integrations for the commit message text view in Preferences -> Editor.


  • Commit Composing: The issue autocomplete window is no longer shown if the service is not supported at the moment.

  • Interactive Rebase: Undo is now possible in the “Edit Commit Message” dialog text views.

  • Working Copy: The implementation of Tower’s Single Line Staging feature has been improved.

  • AutoSquash: Autosquash will now always correctly preserve merge commits.

  • Pull Requests: The warning view now disappears if required data becomes available.

  • User Profiles: The “Manage User Profiles” action from the context menu now opens the correct preference window.

  • Interactive Rebase: We have improved keyboard navigation for interactive rebase dialogs. It is now possible to move focus between the text inputs by pressing the tab key and to submit the dialog by pressing Cmd + Return.

  • Autocomplete: The autocomplete window incorrectly appeared at the bottom of the screen in some cases. This has been fixed.

  • Performance: Opening some GitLab repositories could lead to high CPU usage of Tower. This has been fixed.

  • Working Copy: The commit progress indicator is no longer shown when the commit fails (e.g. because of a hook script).


Released Jul 13, 2021 Download for macOS 10.15+


  • Improved Commit Composing: Tower’s commit message fields have just become a lot smarter! This release brings improvements that make commit composing a seamless experience. Read on to find out more…

  • Issue Numbers: You can now search for and autocomplete issue numbers in your commit messages. Simply type the “#” symbol from the subject or body field to find the required issue number. (This feature requires an associated service account in order to work.)

  • Commit References: Just like issue numbers, you can search for and autocomplete commit references by typing “c:”. (This feature requires an associated service account in order to work.)

  • fixup! and squash!: It is now possible to search and autocomplete Git's “fixup!” and “squash!” conventions within a commit's subject, allowing you to easily amend any commit down the history. When commits whose subject start with “fixup!” or “squash!” are detected in the current HEAD branch History, an action will be offered to “autosquash” them. This will automatically fixup or squash these commits.

  • Autocomplete Service Keywords: Service-specific issue keywords (closes/fixes/resolves) can also be autocompleted.

  • Autocomplete Changed Files: Changed files from the working copy can now be searched and quickly inserted by typing \.

  • Command Help: You can type the “/“ character to see a list of the above commands available for each field.

  • Hard Line Wrapping: You can now configure a character limit for the commit message body in Tower’s Preferences -> Editor. This will show as a guide when composing the body.

  • Scrollable and Resizable Text Field: The commit message body field can now be scrolled and resized.


  • Symbol images are now used in more places in the UI on macOS 11.0 and newer

  • Commit Composing: Hitting ”Enter” in the subject field will now take you to the body field.

  • Working Copy: If a commit takes longer than a certain amount of time (e.g. when running a hook script) a progress indicator will now be displayed.


  • Services: Fixed incorrect offset in detail views on macOS 11.0 and above.


Released Jun 02, 2021 Download for macOS 10.13+


  • Remote Operations: The “Push” option has been enabled for branches where no remote equivalent exists. Selecting this option will show the “Publish Repository” dialog.

  • Services View: We have improved the icons for the repository and SSH key views.


  • UI: We improved the appearance of the text fields when using light mode on macOS Big Sur. In addition, these fields no longer appear disabled on prior OS versions.

  • Toolbar: The new toolbar icons now appear correctly on macOS 10.13.


Released Mar 23, 2021 Download for macOS 10.13+


  • Publish Repository: Publishing a local repository on a selected service such as GitHub or GitLab has become a lot easier in Tower! You can now do this without having to leave the app.


  • Force Push: Many of you requested an easier way to force push, so we added a dedicated force push toolbar button to make this possible. The button can be added by customizing the toolbar.

  • Create New Branch: We also added a dedicated toolbar button to create a new branch. The button can be added by customizing the toolbar.

  • Preferences: Action bars used in preference panes now all have the same appearance.

  • UI: We improved the appearance of the Quick Actions and Quick Open dialogs, as well as the repository icons.

  • UI: The text input fields in the commit composing area now have a darker background in Light appearance to improve contrast.

  • Bundled Git: We updated the bundled Git version to 2.30.2.


  • Working Copy: A regression caused the filename column not being shown correctly.

  • History View: Commit details are now being refreshed correctly after a tag has been added.

  • Preferences: The view height of the Git preferences pane is now correctly sized.

  • UI: Autocomplete windows are now displayed without extra spacing.

  • Crashes: We fixed a crash which prevented some users from being able to launch Tower.


Released Feb 02, 2021 Download for macOS 10.13+


  • Force Push with Lease: Tower now supports the --force-with-lease flag for the git push command. Force Push with Lease is a safer option that can be used as an alternative to the --force flag: you can now force push in Tower without the risk of unintentionally overwriting someone else’s work.


  • Merge and Rebase: In some cases, when performing a merge or rebase which resulted in a conflict, the conflicted files were not correctly displayed (the files could be revealed by scrolling). This has now been fixed.

  • Sidebar: We fixed an additional case where the width of the sidebar was not remembered after reopening a repository.

  • Sidebar: The icons in the repository sidebar are now correctly aligned.

  • Crashes: We fixed a number of smaller / less common crashes in different situations.

  • Working Copy: The working tree is now refreshed after a commit if a commit hook failed.

  • Working Copy: After merging or rebasing, entries could appear under the commit area view and had to be scrolled down. The scrolling position is now updated correctly.

  • History: When switching between ref histories the scrolling position was not reset to the top.

  • View Restoration: After re-opening the app, the width of some views was not correctly restored in certain cases.


Released Jan 12, 2021 Download for macOS 10.13+


  • Edit Commit Message: It is now possible to select the Amend option when editing a commit message. When this option is selected, the author of the commit will not be changed.

  • LFS Image Diffing: You can now view the diff for LFS image files. We also included a clickable badge which shows the LFS pointer information.

  • Toolbar: Tower now uses the short labels again for the “Toolbar” and “Terminal” buttons, resulting in a more even spacing for toolbar items.

  • Rebase Backend: Since version 2.26, Git changed the default rebase backend from apply to merge. We have made sure that Tower handles the new backend correctly.

  • Our bundled Git has been updated and is compiled as universal binary supporting Apple Silicon hardware.


  • The TowerCLI crashed on hardware using Apple Silicon. This has been fixed.

  • We fixed an issue where using multiple Bitbucket service accounts with Git HTTPS connections could fail.

  • Working Copy: In some cases, navigating the sidebar with the arrow keys caused changed files to disappear in the Working Copy. This has been fixed.

  • GPG: We fixed the incorrect label that was displayed when no GPG binary was selected in Tower’s Preferences.

  • History View: The tab bar was showing "Counting Commits" whenever the window title was hidden.

  • Bookmarks: It is now possible to filter repositories correctly in the bookmarks view.

  • Sidebar: Tower again remembers the width of the sidebar after the repository is re-opened.

  • Working Copy: Animations are now working correctly again when selecting files to stage & unstage.

  • Working Copy: After resolving a merge conflict, the background color of the conflicted file now changes back to normal.

  • Toolbar: The toolbar was displayed incorrectly for users on macOS 10.13 and below.

  • Submodules: Editing a submodule URL resulted in wrong changes. This is now working as expected.

  • Rebase: In certain cases, continuing a rebase step after resolving all conflicts failed. This has been fixed.

  • Others

  • We have updated the bundled Git version to 2.29.2.

  • We have updated Git-LFS to version 2.12.1.


Released Nov 17, 2020 Download for macOS 10.13+


  • Repository Bookmarks: Icons next to bookmarks and bookmark groups are now displayed correctly. This issue affected users on macOS 10.15 and below.

  • Working Copy: The working copy diff view now behaves as expected when using a mouse with a scroll wheel.


Released Nov 03, 2020 Download for macOS 10.13+
  • All Tower trials have been reset for version 6.0. Users who tested Tower in the past, can give the new version a try.


  • Designed for macOS Big Sur: We made lots of large and small improvements to make Tower feel at home on the new macOS Big Sur. Read on to learn more...

  • Icons: In the toolbar, the sidebar, and other areas in the app, we’re introducing new, redesigned icons.

  • App Icon: Take a look at your Dock and you’ll see that the Tower app icon now fits right in with other app icons on Big Sur.

  • Full-Height Sidebar: In macOS 11, sidebars in apps now typically take the full window height. We’ve made this possible in Tower, too.


  • Navigation Bar: With the new style in Big Sur in mind, we decided to remove the “Navigation Bar” (below the toolbar). This results in a much cleaner, much clearer UI.

  • Submodule Navigation: When navigating into a submodule you’ll see that a new toolbar icon appears; this allows you to jump back to the parent repository.

  • View Subheadlines: Some detail views now show their own subheadlines, giving you a quicker overview of the situation.

  • Services & Bookmarks: These icons, previously located in the Navigation Bar, are now also located in the main toolbar.

  • Rounded Selections: List views (like the Commit History) and the sidebar now feature the new rounded selection style in Big Sur.

  • Apple Silicon Architecture: Tower is now compiled with support for the new Apple Silicon architecture. Additionally, we improved the way background tasks are handled in order to get the best performance and battery life from the new Apple Silicon architecture.

  • GitHub Service Accounts: We removed support for Basic Authentication as this is deprecated by GitHub. We also updated OAuth authorization to use our own web flow instead of the one provided by GitHub for native apps, which is deprecated as well.


Released Aug 17, 2020 Download for macOS 10.11+


  • Rebase Onto: Tower now supports the “--onto” flag of the Rebase operation. In a nutshell, this allows you to “switch the base” for a series of commits, which is especially useful for those of you who work extensively with feature branches.

  • Amend Commit: It is now possible to edit a commit without removing the original author’s name using the new Amend Commit option. The resulting commit will still have the original committer as the author and you as the committer.


  • Diff View: The ignore whitespace option will now remain enabled / disabled on file changes.

  • Quick Actions: We’ve improved the sorting of results in the Quick Actions dialog: exact matches now appear at the top of the list.

  • Cherry-Picking: You can now cherry-pick commits that are behind (only available on the remote branch) when viewing the current HEAD branch.

  • Performance: We refactored the initial config loading process, removing potential blocking calls that can result in beachballing.


  • Azure DevOps Pull Requests: In some cases, the URL for Pull Requests was incorrectly generated.


Released Jul 20, 2020 Download for macOS 10.11+


  • Branch Naming: Tower now considers "main" to be a priority branch, just like "master". This means that it will be sorted at the top in the repository sidebar and any other ref listings.

  • Performance: We optimized background operations for certain actions - such as checking out a revision or committing changes - resulting in a performance boost.

  • Performance: We were also able to improve the background execution of Git processes. Repository loading times are now significantly faster.


  • Undo: Undoing applying a stash reverted existing changes on the same file in the Working Copy. This has been fixed.

  • Working Copy: For some users, single line staging failed if the "Ignore Whitespace" option was active. This works as expected now.

  • Repository Finder: Excluded repositories are now cleaned up after the user changes the excluded file list.

  • File History: The commit count is now shown correctly in File History.

  • Remotes: The “Skip on Fetch All” option is now working as expected.

  • Services: An endless loop affecting API calls for Azure DevOps service accounts has been fixed.


Released Jun 22, 2020 Download for macOS 10.11+


  • Ignore Whitespace Changes: Multiple whitespace changes in a diff can make it difficult to focus on changes in the code itself. The improved diff view brings you the option to toggle this setting, either showing or ignoring whitespace changes.

  • Inline Highlighting of Changes: Viewing changes in a file has just become a lot easier in Tower. Inline changes are now highlighted in diffs, so you can spot changes at first glance.

  • Diff Themes: Ever wished you were able to change the font type, size, and color for Tower’s diff view? Now you can! Select one of the pre-installed themes, or create your own by customizing the font, the background color, and even the color used to highlight Added and Deleted lines. Created a theme you really love? Grab it and share it with others! Learn more about the new diff themes in our documentation.


  • Diff View: Tower now shows diffs for untracked files (including images), eliminating the need to stage a file just to see the diff for it.

  • Diff View: It is now possible to stage, unstage, and discard contents of untracked files.

  • Preferences: Unified the appearance of all list view action bars in the preferences.


  • Diff View: In some cases, the diff was being generated incorrectly after discarding/unstaging deleted lines.

  • History View: The file path for renamed files now correctly shows the old and new file path in the changeset view.

  • GPG Keys: Reloading the user's current GPG keys could crash in certain cases.


Released May 11, 2020 Download for macOS 10.11+


  • Repository Finder: It is now possible to specify directories which Tower should exclude when searching for repositories. You can find this in Tower’s Preferences on the “Advanced” tab.

  • Branches: We have added the option to delete the tracking branch when deleting a local branch.


  • Merging: The --no-commit option has been added to the merge dialog through the checkbox “Directly Commit Merged Changes”.

  • Sorting in Dialogs: Remotes are now being sorted by relevance in dialogs.

  • Azure DevOps Pull Requests: We have improved error mapping for errors that can occur when merging Azure DevOps Pull Requests.

  • Azure DevOps Server: Added support for authenticating with Personal Access Tokens.


  • Check Out Pull Request: The Check Out Pull Request button is now validated again if the HEAD branch changes.

  • Check Out Pull Request: The Check Out Pull Request button is now disabled if the remote branch is not available.

  • Pull Requests: Creating pull requests now works as expected for forks on Bitbucket.

  • Pull Requests: In some cases, a newly created Pull Request was displayed in the list if it was created for another repository.


Released Apr 20, 2020 Download for macOS 10.11+


  • Azure DevOps Pull Requests: Pull Requests for Azure DevOps repositories are now supported in Tower.


  • Azure DevOps Service Accounts: The “Create Repository” button has been removed for Azure DevOps service accounts. The button is now available for organizations only.


  • Azure DevOps Service Accounts: A crash which affected the creation of Azure DevOps service repositories has been fixed.

  • Switching Branches: Some users reported that switching branches and saving a stash with only untracked files in the Working Copy stopped working after our latest update.


Released Mar 30, 2020 Download for macOS 10.11+


  • Partial Stashing: You can now select individual files for stashing.

  • First Parent Filtering: It is now possible to filter out merged commits in the History view.


  • Commit Count Computing: For some users, this operation caused slowness in repositories with lots of commits. This has now been addressed.

  • GitHub's "Open in Desktop": GitHub's URL scheme for "Open in Desktop" changed; as a result users were no longer able to open a repository in Tower using this feature. This has been fixed.


  • Crash when Saving a Stash: In some situations, Tower crashed when trying to save a stash.

  • Working Copy: After a commit, the File Detail View is now correctly updated.

  • Grouping Commits by Week: The "Group by Week" option in the History View wasn't working as expected.

  • Pull Request Changeset View: The changeset view is now being updated correctly when switching between Pull Requests.

  • Quick Actions: Remote branches are now correctly sorted by name.


Released Feb 20, 2020 Download for macOS 10.11+


  • Pull Requests: A regression caused the pull request conversation view not being updated after changes have been made.


Released Feb 18, 2020 Download for macOS 10.11+


  • Pull Requests: Tower's search now also supports filtering Pull Requests by number.


  • Dialogs: In many dialogs, we have an "Options" area. Now, you can also click on the text label (not only the disclosure triangle) to reveal.


  • Interactive Rebase: The auto-stash dialog now appears for all interactive rebase actions if required.

  • Pull Requests: If editing a pull request failed, the "Edit Pull Request" dialog is now shown again (instead of the dialog for editing the pull request body).

  • Pull Requests: The pull request commits and changeset views used to flicker when expanding a commit or changeset item. This has been fixed now.

  • Committing: A commit can now be created again if the HEAD is detached.

  • Remotes: In some rare situations, Tower crashed when a push was initiated.

  • Window Tabs: On older macOS versions, Tower crashed in some cases when opening a new tab.


Released Feb 04, 2020 Download for macOS 10.11+


  • Undo with CMD+Z: This new version makes it incredibly easy to undo many mistakes, simply by typing CMD+Z! Read more about this awesome new feature on our blog.


  • Reflog View: We've improved the refreshing of items in the Reflog view.

  • Excluding "Go" Module Caches: Tower's "Quick Open" dialog allows you to open any repository on your machine. However, users with "Go module caches" reported a slowdown in this dialog; that's why Tower now excludes these special repositories for the "Quick Open" search.

  • Bitbucket Server: Tower now supports personal access tokens for Bitbucket Server accounts.

  • Azure DevOps Server: With this update, accounts can now be created for multiple collections.


  • History Badges: Clicking directly on a badge (representing a tag or branch) on a commit in one of Tower's history views sometimes failed to select the commit item.

  • Selecting Lines in Diffs: On macOS 10.15, some users reported a crash when trying to select individual lines for staging in a working copy diff.

  • Checkout Pull Request Menu Item: The menu item for our new "Checkout Pull Request" feature didn't work in all cases.

  • Saving Stashes: In some situations, Tower could crash when trying to save a stash.

  • Pull Request Comments: These are now sorted by creation date instead of updated date.

  • Renaming Remote Branches: If no local tracking branch existed, Tower didn't allow to rename a remote branch. This is fixed now.

  • History: When restoring user selections the application could become unresponsive in some cases

  • Avatar Image: In some cases, the font size calculated for drawing the user's initials was not a valid font size, leading to a crash

  • Diffs: Loading image data for diffs in the working copy could sometimes result in a crash

  • Window Titles: In some cases, Tower didn't display the correct titles from tabs.

  • A regression caused opening a new tab for a window without existing tabs opening in a new window instead. Tabs now open a new tab for the current window in all cases now.

  • Various crashes: We fixed a number of smaller / less common crashes in different situations.


Released Nov 12, 2019 Download for macOS 10.11+


  • Check Out Pull Requests: This update makes it very easy and convenient to check out a Pull Request as a local branch.


  • Quick Actions Navigation: Opening and closing the "more actions" interface for a Quick Action item is now more fluent and intelligent.

  • GPG Email Settings: Tower now displays a warning message in cases where the committer email and GPG key email do not match.

  • Commit Area UI: When the "commit compose area" is expanded (showing both the "Subject" and the "Description" textfields), it is now possible to click-select a changed file from the list before the UI changes.


  • Commit Changeset Drag and Drop: Dragging an item from a commit's changeset to failed in some situations.

  • Diff Tool Shortcut: The keyboard shortcut to open the diff tool didn't work reliably in the Pull Requests view.

  • Toolbar Buttons Glitch: On some installations, toolbar buttons were misplaced by 1 pixel between groups.

  • Empty View for Pull Requests: When deselecting a Pull Request item, the appropriate "empty view" is now displayed.

  • Crash in Pull Requests: When Tower tried to update a Pull Request item with an invalid/empty username, the app could crash.

  • File Selection: In certain scenarios, when a file in the Working Copy view was selected, Tower could hang when that file was included in a commit.

  • Loading Commit Diffs: Fixed a potential crash when loading commits diffs.

  • Mouse Wheel in Services List: When using a mouse wheel to scroll, some users reported problems in the list of repositories in the "Services" view.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Some keyboard shortcuts and menu actions failed to be available in some scenarios.

  • Drag and Drop in History: Dragging a commit in the history table views sometimes did not work as smoothly as expected.

  • Support for "log.showSignature": Users that had the Git config setting "log.showSignature" set to true experienced problems when loading commits in Tower. This has been fixed.


Released Sep 24, 2019 Download for macOS 10.11+


  • Branches: We improved the workflow for deleting branches with unmerged changes without the “Force deletion” option being selected. Tower now asks for confirmation to delete any branches with unmerged changes and then deletes them in one go.

  • Window Restoration: Window restoration now works smoothly even when an update requires the migration of application data. The internal repository identifiers remain identical after migration and therefore no longer affect window restoration.

  • Repository Sidebar: We improved the user experience for selecting items in the sidebar and the change of first responder.

  • Stashes: Selecting and deleting one or more stashes now resets the selection to the first stash.

  • Push HEAD: The “Push HEAD” dialogue now includes the current HEAD branch in the description.

  • AppleScript: We replaced an AppleScript with a native API implementation, stopping an access control dialogue to appear.

  • Diff and Merge Tools: Tower now reloads the diff and merge tools each time the preferences pane is opened.

  • Action Dialogues: Using various actions such as “Push to…”, “Merge…”, “Rebase…” etc. now correctly preselects the action dialogues independent of the first responder status.

  • Working Copy: We significantly improved the loading time of the “Open With” submenu entries in the working tree entry context menu.

  • Performance: We optimized the background execution of Git processes to improve repository loading times.


  • Working Copy: During a merge, the action buttons to continue or abort a merge are now properly re-enabled in all cases.

  • Working Copy: A directory entry replaced with a file entry of the same name, or vice versa, could cause a crash in tree view mode.

  • Working Copy: When switching branches using auto-stashing, the working copy sometimes did not correctly refresh its file list.

  • Repository Sidebar: Toggling ref grouping for the repository sidebar no longer leads to erroneous branch information.

  • Pull Requests: In some cases, the “Merge” button in the pull request detail view was incorrectly disabled.

  • Window Restoration: The current repository view is now stored for window restoration in all cases.

  • git-flow: Tower now validates Ref names entered by the user.

  • Navigation Bar: After switching or renaming branches, the path component is now immediately updated.

  • Stashes: Saving stashes now works again for older Git versions (<2.13.2).

  • User Preferences: We’ve made sure that opening the integration preferences pane no longer causes high CPU usage.


Released Aug 27, 2019 Download for macOS 10.11+



Released Jun 24, 2019 Download for macOS 10.11+


  • App Notarization: Tower builds are now signed using the "Apple notary service", providing an additional layer of security.


  • Better License Information: Opening the "License..." dialog from the main menu now provides more information about your license.


  • Default Avatar for User Profile: In our new "User Profiles", we now also show a "default" avatar image if none is connected with the entered email address.

  • Group Repositories in Services View: For users with multiple GitLab accounts, it could happen that a repository was listed under the wrong account / group.

  • Commit Message Editing: When editing a commit message and starting it with a "#" character, Tower wasn't always able to correctly save the message.

  • Reflog Crash: On older macOS versions, opening an item from the "Reflog" could result in a crash.


Released Apr 16, 2019 Download for macOS 10.11+


  • Check Out Remote Branch: You can now double-click a remote branch in the sidebar to perform a checkout.

  • Check Out Tags: Also, you can now double-click on a tag in the sidebar to check out a corresponding branch.

  • Gender Neutral Avatars: If no avatar image can be loaded, Tower now uses the user's initials instead of a placeholder image.

  • Refresh Expiring OAuth Tokens: On some code hosting platforms (e.g., OAuth tokens expire very quickly. Tower now refreshes expiring OAuth tokens periodically in the background for you. This makes Git remote operations over HTTPS work much more smoothly.


  • Azure DevOps Rebranding: Microsoft's VSTS and VSTFS products were rebranded to "Azure DevOps", which is now reflected in Tower, too.

  • Bitbucket API: The service API calls for are now updated to work with their upcoming API changes.

  • Submodule Improvements: We improved and fine-tuned many details in Tower's Submodule handling (e.g. when changing shared Submodule URLs).


  • Commit Composing View: When the "Sign-Off" option was checked while composing a commit message, the view could become wider as desired.

  • Cherry-Pick Dialog: You can now combine the "--no-commit" option and the "--ff" option when performing a cherry-pick.

  • Git Submodule Status: In this update, we're working around several regressions in recent Git versions that incorrectly regard Submodules as “clean”.

  • Toolbar Refresh: A couple of users reported that the toolbar wasn't always up to date (in terms of enabled / disabled buttons), which should now be improved.


Released Mar 26, 2019 Download for macOS 10.11+


  • User Profiles: In Tower's preferences, you can now add "user profiles". These can be used to quickly switch between different Git committer identities (e.g. one for work and others for private coding).

  • Copy Ref Names: You can now copy ref names from local branches, remote branches and tags to the clipboard via contextual menu or Quick Actions.


  • History: Ctrl + Click now correctly opens the contextual menu when performed over the graph or ref badges.


Released Jan 22, 2019 Download for macOS 10.11+


  • Performance: We were able to speed up opening and navigating repositories once more, for all types of repositories.

  • Performance: Loading commit changesets is significantly faster now.

  • Performance: The "edit commit message" dialog during an interactive rebase operation is now loading faster.


  • Working Copy: The staging checkboxes could become disabled when the progress view was shown. This has been fixed.

  • Working Copy: The background color of the subject and descriptions fields is now white again (when having Tower in "Light Mode").

  • Image Diff: Images with a width smaller than 20px don't lead to UI layout issues anymore.

  • Image Diff: Fixed loading image data for deleted and staged working tree entries.

  • History: When branch tracking information changes while viewing the branch's history, the commit list is now correctly updated.

  • Navigation: Navigating back/forward between refs (branches, tags) does not lead to the back/forward buttons becoming inactive anymore.

  • Services: A crash when unexpected data was received from a service API has been fixed.

  • Services: Fixed sorting of organization and collaborator service repositories.

  • Services: Fixed an issue with the “Edit Account” button not working in some cases.

  • Repository Window: Fixed updating represented URL of main window.

  • Touch Bar: The "Quick Open" item can now be removed permanently.

  • Window Restoration: Tower correctly restores the last window now if it was quit while being minimized or hidden.

  • Activity Window: Clicking the "clear" button does not remove running repository or service activities anymore.


Released Nov 12, 2018 Download for macOS 10.11+


  • Quick Actions: You can now use the "Quick Actions" dialog to merge and rebase remote branches.


  • Fixed an issue with invoking “Open in Terminal” scripts.

  • Fixed a crash when opening the Activity window.

  • Fixed visual glitches in the “Merge” view.

  • Fixed an issue with refreshing images in the Image Diff view when changing files in some cases.


Released Sep 24, 2018 Download for macOS 10.11+


  • Dark Mode: Users on macOS 10.14 can now enjoy Tower in our new "Dark Mode"!

  • Updates for Mojave: Many code updates to improve compatibility with the new macOS 10.14.


Released Sep 19, 2018 Download for macOS 10.11+


  • Image Diffing: Images with different aspect ratios are displayed correctly now.

  • Services: Service accounts that are members and collaborators of an organization at the same time do not cause Tower to crash anymore.


  • CLI Tool: The CLI tool can now be updated from within the Tower preferences.


Released Aug 07, 2018 Download for macOS 10.11+


  • Image Diffing: A crash if no image data can be loaded has been fixed.

  • Pull Requests: Remote URLs are not required to have a .git suffix anymore.

  • Services: A crash when clicking on an organization that invited the user as a collaborator has been fixed.

  • Services: A crash when clicking on a VSTS project has been fixed.

  • Services: A crash when listing repositories on older GitLab instances has been fixed.


Released Jul 24, 2018 Download for macOS 10.11+


  • Image Diffing: Tower now supports image diffs for a variety of formats (PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, JPEG2000, HEIC), in both the Working Copy and various history / changeset views. In future updates, we will further extend and improve this feature.


  • Reflog: The Reflog list loads faster now.


  • Services: GitLab CE/EE integration now works as intended for servers with a directory install.

  • Services: Bitbucket Server integration now works as intended if account names contain uppercase characters.

  • Services: Tower crashed in some cases when clicking on an organization account or subgroup. This has been fixed.

  • Services: Service repositories of configured accounts were not displayed correctly in some cases.


Released Jul 09, 2018 Download for macOS 10.11+


  • GitLab Subgroups: Subgroups are integrated in the service view.

  • Pull Requests: Your GitLab subgroup repositories work with the new Pull Requests view.


  • Pull Requests: Pull Requests work with older GitLab instances using API v3.


Released Jun 26, 2018 Download for macOS 10.11+


  • Activation now works indepedent of the configured system locale


Released Jun 26, 2018 Download for macOS 10.11+
  • Tower 3 is here!


  • Full Screen View: Maximising the app window should now work as expected.

  • Crashes: We fixed a number of uncommon crashes that occurred during certain processes.

  • New

  • Force Push with Lease: Tower now supports the --force-with-lease flag for the git push command. Force Push with Lease is a safer option that can be used as an alternative to the --force flag: you can now force push in Tower without the risk of unintentionally overwriting someone else’s work.


  • Crashes: We fixed a number of uncommon crashes that occurred during certain processes.



  • Notifications: Tower notifications now work as expected.

  • Crashes: We fixed a crash that occurred when creating a Pull Request on GitHub.

  • Crashes: We fixed a potential crash that occurred when retrieving stashes.


Released Nov 22, 2021 Download for Windows 7+


  • Quick Actions: The Quick Actions dialog is now available in Tower for Windows. This handy feature allows you to quickly find actionable items in your repository (such as branches, tags, commits and files) and invoke certain actions on them (like checking out a branch or showing a file in the history). The dialog can be opened by pressing "Alt + Shift + A". Learn more about this new feature here.

  • Dark Mode: Tower Windows users can now enjoy the gorgeous new dark theme! Dark and light mode can also be set independently from the system settings.

  • History Search: The new Tower allows you to search the commit history by commit message, author and committer name. You can also use the search feature to find specific files in commit changesets.

  • Navigation: You can now navigate the different views in Tower back and forward, just like you’d do using a web browser. The navigation state is saved, so after reopening Tower you will see the same view that you had open when the application was closed.

  • New Installer: We have replaced the old installer / updater with a more efficient option. New updates will now only take seconds to install, without having to click through multiple dialogs.


  • Performance: We have significantly improved performance across the whole app, as well as stability.

  • UI/UX: Tower 3 boasts an improved user interface and a more polished design for a better user experience.

  • Title Bar: We combined the title and menu bar in order to improve visual consistency across the Mac and Windows apps.

  • History View: Commits in the history can now be grouped by date.

  • Avatars: If no avatar image can be loaded, Tower now uses the user’s initials instead of a placeholder image.

  • Avatars: Avatar images are now loaded in a higher resolution.

  • Toolbar: Tooltips are now shown for all items immediately.

  • Toolbar: Visibility of toolbar item labels can now be enabled/disabled from the preferences or the view menu.

  • Scrollbars: Scrollbars across the app have been made less obtrusive.

  • Sidebars: We increased the vertical spacing for all sidebar items and also the padding to the scrollbar.


  • History View: The branch history is now correctly shown when the remote tracking branch does not exist anymore.

  • Working Copy: Refreshing the UI while reverting a commit will no longer reset the commit subject.

  • Working Copy: We’ve fixed an issue with unstaging files when the branch has a detached HEAD and improved performance for unstaging operations.

  • Working Copy: Files are no longer being opened when double-clicking the staging / unstaging checkbox in the Working Copy.

  • *Working Copy: The working tree was not refreshed after applying a stash which resulted in merge conflicts.

  • Pull Requests: Pull Request comments are now being sorted in the correct order.

  • Stashing: We’ve fixed the refresh behavior for stashing operations.

  • Stashes: The stash list is now correctly refreshed after making changes.

  • Clone Dialog: We fixed an issue with the Clone button not being enabled after filling in the input fields.

  • GitFlow: The GitFlow toolbar button now works as expected.

  • History View: The commit history now loads correctly when scrolling down to the bottom of the commit list.

  • View Menu: The View -> Show Repositories & Show Services menu items now behave as expected.

  • Crashes: We fixed a number of less common crashes occurring in different situations.

  • Assorted Bug Fixes: We fixed several smaller issues reported by users on earlier versions.

Version 2

No further updates, last release in 05/2018

Download for Mac OS 10.8+

Version 1

No further updates, last release in 06/2014

Download for Mac OS 10.6+

Version 2

No further updates, last release in 11/2021

Download for Windows 7+

Version 1

No further updates, last release in 05/2018

Download for Windows 7+

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