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Tower is Free for Students

If you're enrolled as a student, you can use Tower "Pro" for free! Simply apply with your school email address.

No credit card / payment information required.

The Best Git Client for Mac & Windows

Tower is the tool of choice for over 100,000 developers in companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Shopify.


Tower makes many advanced actions as easy as drag and drop. Learn more...


Get access to all of Git's powerful feature set - easily and effectively. Learn more...


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Questions & Answers

Do I qualify for this free offer?
  • College / University: You qualify if you're a student at an accredited college or university.
  • Bootcamp / Codecamp: Students are asked to contact their instructors so they can apply for our "Tower for Education" program - and receive free licenses for their students.
How can I apply?

1. Enter your school email address in the form above.

2. We'll send you a confirmation email where you can request your free Tower license. If your school email is not a ".edu" address, we will ask you to provide a dated student ID as proof of enrollment.

Do I need a credit card to redeem the offer?

No, you will NOT need to enter any payment information.

How long can I use Tower?

You will receive 12 months of Tower for free. We will notify you via email before these 12 months end: if you can re-confirm your student status, you can extend your free account. If you're not a student anymore, your license will expire and you can choose to start a paid Tower subscription.

I already have a paid account. Can I still get a free license?

We do not refund already paid subscriptions. However, you can cancel your paid account at any time and apply for a free student account.

Ed Blankenship

Ed Blankenshipformerly at Microsoft

We're so glad that Tower has brought their awesome Git client from Mac to Windows. It's for any serious developer using Windows or Mac.

Dan Counsell

Dan CounsellCEO at Realmac

Tower is the perfect Git client, I honestly wouldn’t want to use anything else.

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