Tower 9.3 for Mac — A New Merge Wizard
May 2023 by Bruno Brito

Tower 9.3 for Mac — A New Merge Wizard

In the latest Tower for Mac update, we have built on top of the many improvements introduced in Tower 9.0 related to merge conflicts. Say hello to a brand-new Merge Wizard, which has been completely rewritten in Swift and SwiftUI! 🤩

The new Merge Wizard packs a punch and is much more than just a visual update. Fresh out of beta, let's take a closer look at all the enhancements this new wizard brings!

Bringing More Clarity to Merge Conflicts

The new Merge Wizard

Right off the bat, you will notice that the commits that changed the affected file are now displayed on each side, instead of just showing the - often unrelated - commit at the tip of the branch or revision for a conflict side. This provides very helpful context about the conflict and it clearly shows who modified the file on each side and when.

In the previous wizard, it was sometimes confusing to understand which version belonged to which branch. We replaced terms such as “My/Mine/Ours” and “Their/Theirs” and now display the actual branch name for each version, as well as the time the file was last modified, so that you can instantly determine which version is newer.

This wizard now supports all merge cases, including merging arbitrary commits or merging into a detached HEAD. Additionally, if a merge conflict takes longer than a certain threshold, a loading view will be displayed.

Other Fixes and Improvements

As with every other Tower update, there are other improvements worth mentioning. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Diff Tool: The --no-symlinks option is now passed to diff tools by default.
  • Working Copy: Creating a snapshot that includes untracked files now works as expected.
  • Branches: Renaming a pinned branch within Tower will now preserve its “pinned” status.
  • Stashes: If the list of stashes was filtered by a search, dragging a stash to the working copy to apply it would apply an incorrect stash. This has been fixed.
  • Diff View: The diff view would incorrectly display “Diff contains only whitespace changes” while loading a large diff. This has been replaced by a loading indicator.

Please have a look at our Release Notes for the complete list of fixes.

We're confident that you'll have an easier time solving merge conflicts with this update. If you already have a Tower account, update to version 9.3 for free!

Happy merging! 😊

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