Tower 4 for Windows — Hello Undo!
September 2022 by Bruno Brito

Tower 4 for Windows — Hello Undo!

We all rely on Git to make sure our work and data is safe — it's our very special time machine! But going back in time isn't that fun if you need to search for complex Git commands whenever you mess something up. Why can't we just hit CTRL + Z to undo our mistakes?

Well, now we can! 🥳

Undo has been one of the most loved features ever since it was added to Tower for Mac. It's "a lifesaver" and "a confidence-booster", as many users say.

Now, it's time for the Windows family to embrace this powerful feature, knowing that if things go wrong, CTRL + Z will instantly get them back on track!

When we think of Undo, Redo also comes to mind — and that's possible as well. You'll just need to press ⇧ + CTRL + Z to redo any operation previously undone.

This feature has the power to revert many complex Git operations in the background. Here are some of the most relevant actions you can undo/redo:

Undo Committing Changes

In the "Working Copy" view, you can also undo file staging and discarding.

Undo Deleting a Branch

Other deletion operations, such as deleting stashes or tags, can also be undone.

Undo Merging Two Branches

Undoing branch creation, renaming and tracking/untracking is also possible.

Undo is such an important feature that we wrote an entire blog post about how we built it. You can also learn more about it by visiting our dedicated Undo page.

We hope you enjoy this exciting update. Happy undoing! 😊

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