Undo Anything in Git

What if you could undo any action in Git with a keyboard shortcut?

How much more productive and confident would you become?

Good news! With our Git client, you can.

Feature coming to Windows soon.

Undoing While Creating a Commit

In the commit composing stage, no matter how experienced you are, accidents may happen - and that’s where ⌘ + Z comes to the rescue!

In Tower, you can undo:

  • staging/unstaging a file;
  • discarding a chunk;
  • deleting a file;
  • the commit itself (changes will be brought back to your working copy).

Undoing While Working with Branches

Working with branches is an important part of the development process, but things can get tricky when you start merging and rebasing.

No worries - if you change your mind later, you can always ⌘ + Z to the previous state.

In Tower, you can undo:

  • creating, checking out and deleting branches;
  • merging and rebasing (or an interactive rebase);
  • publishing a branch on a remote.

Undoing While Working with Stashes

Stashing is a necessity when you need a clean working directory, but also want to keep track of your uncommitted work.

In Tower, you can undo:

  • applying a stash;
  • saving a stash;
  • deleting a stash.

Git with Confidence

Click pretty much anywhere in your working copy with confidence, knowing that a quick undo is only a key combination away!

Want to Undo Your Undo? There's a Shortcut for That Too.

If you want to redo your latest action(s) after undoing, simply use another natural keyboard shortcut: ⇧ + ⌘ + Z.

Our Users Love the Undo Feature!

Most of the workflows we have shown you would require a series of complex commands on the CLI. Tower does all the heavy lifting for you... and our users appreciate it!

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