Building a CuriousCat Clone with Python + Fauna
Learn to use a serverless database in Python to build a clone of the popular "CuriousCat" site.
Building a CuriousCat Clone with Python + Fauna featured image

Getting Started

In this hands-on tutorial, we're going to build a clone of the popular Q&A site "CuriousCat". Learn more about which technologies - apart from Python and the serverless database "Fauna" - we'll be using and what you need to get started.

Building the Platform User Interface

We're building the user interface of our CuriousCat clone using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. To make things easy, we will use Flask-Bootstrap to integrate Bootstrap into our Flask application.

Setting Up Our Fauna Database

We are finally setting up and creating the serverless database for our CuriousCat clone. Learn how to use the "Fauna" database, including Collections, Indexes, and the API.

Integrating Fauna Into Our Flask Application

Finally, we are going to integrate our CuriousCat clone with our new Fauna database.

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