The Beginner's Guide to Faster Websites
Optimize your website for happy visitors and a better ranking in Google!
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25% of users abandon a web page if it takes more than four little seconds to load. This guide helps you keep the visitors you worked so hard to attract. Let's get your website in front of your users as fast as possible!

Aimed at Beginners

No prior knowledge is required: you can get started right away!


Full of practical, in-depth tips on how to actually improve your websites.

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The guide is completely free. Start reading and optimizing now!

Measuring Performance

Understanding where your website's performance suffers the most goes a long way towards improving it. Although there are tons of tools to measure performance, we're big fans of keeping things simple.

Learn about a simple setup that provides you with the most important insights.

Working with Images

On average, images make up more than 60% of a page's weight. With so much file size on the line, images are a huge opportunity for improvement. And luckily for us they are relatively easy to optimize!

Learn about the right formats, optimization tools and inclusion techniques.

Reducing HTTP Requests

No matter if it's CSS, JavaScript, or images: every asset that a browser has to download causes a performance hit. Even when a file's size is small, the transfer itself comes at a cost.

Keeping this overhead in mind means that every request counts, no matter how little data we're dealing with.

Delivering Files Faster

Delivering few and small files is one important part of optimizing your website. But for really good performance, you should also think about how and from where your assets are delivered.

Learn how HTTP caching, Gzip compression, additional asset domains and CDNs help to speed up your pages.

Optimizing CSS and JavaScript

CSS and JavaScript are the cornerstones of every modern website. And yet they can also be serious brake blocks. If you want a fast website, it is crucial how exactly you prepare, include, and load these assets.

Let's look at preprocessing and loading for best performance.

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