Video Series Learning Git with Tower

What is Version Control?

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How does version control work in general? What benefits can I expect?


Installing and Configuring Git

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How do I install and configure Git on my machine?


A Basic Workflow of Version Control

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What are the steps involved in a basic Version Control workflow?


Creating a New Repository

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How do I create a new Git repository on my machine?


Cloning a Repository From a Remote

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How can I work with an existing Git repository from a remote server?


Inspecting Local Changes

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Which files are currently modified - and how?


Staging and Committing

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How can I add changes to the next commit? How can I save changes as a new revision in the repository?


Commit History

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How can I see what has happened in my repository? How can I review my repository's history?


Ignoring Files

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How can I prevent certain files from being versioned / tracked by Git?


An Introduction to Branches

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What are branches? What is so special about the branching model (compared to SVN)? Why should you use them?


Creating & Checking Out Branches

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How can I create a branch? How can I make a branch active?


Merging Branches

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How can I integrate changes from one branch into another branch?


Stashing Changes

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How can you save changes temporarily - without committing them?


Dealing with Merge Conflicts

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How do I resolve a merge conflict?


Undoing Things

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How can I undo things in Git?



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How can I use tags in Git?


Introduction to Remote Repositories

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What's a remote repository? How is it different from a local repository?


Connecting a Remote Repository

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How can I connect to a remote repository?


Sharing Data on a Remote Repository

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How can I use remote repositories to share work with others?


Publishing a Local Repository on Remote

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How can I publish a local repository on a remote server for the first time?


Pushing Changes to a Remote

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How can I push my changes to the remote server? What are tracking connections?


Pulling & Fetching Changes

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How can I download new changes from the remote server? What's the difference between the "Fetch" and "Pull" commands?


Rebase as an Alternative to Merge

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How can I use "rebase" to integrate changes? What's the difference between merge and rebase?


Branching Workflows

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How can I structure and manage my branches?