Drag and Drop

In Tower, many complex actions can be performed through a simple drag and drop.

Drag and Drop

In this episode, we will see just how many Git actions can be done by drag & drop in Tower.

One of the big things about drag & drop in Tower is that you can work with branches in almost any way. Let’s see:

  • You can drag a branch onto the “Branches” label to create a new branch
  • You can drag a branch onto the HEAD branch to merge it
  • You can publish the branch by dragging and dropping it onto the remote
  • You can push the branch to the remote
  • Additionally, you can create a new tag by dropping it onto the Tags section header

As you can see, drag & drop makes managing branches in Tower very easy.

The same is true for remote branches:

  • You can drag the remote branch and drop it on the “Branches” section to track it (or create a local version of it)
  • You can drag a remote branch onto the local HEAD branch to pull it

Cherry-picking is another thing that can be done by drag and drop. On this branch, we have a commit that is present nowhere else. Let’s say we don’t want to merge the whole branch, we just want to integrate this single commit. Then we can just drag & drop this commit to cherry pick in into our HEAD branch.

You can also work with drag & drop in the Stashes view. Simply drag an individual Changeset item to apply just that change to your Working Copy.

As you can see, drag & drop has a lot of potential to speed up your workflows in Tower. It makes otherwise quite complex workflows simple and accessible.