Installing and Configuring Git

How do I install and configure Git on my machine?

Installing and Configuring Git

Today, we’ll talk about installing and configuring Git on your computer.

If you’re using the Tower desktop client, you don’t have to install Git manually. Tower ships with its own, bundled version of Git that it uses by default.

Configuring Git, however, is still important. Open up Tower’s settings on the “Git Config” tab. There, you should make sure that your name and your email address are configured. When you’re making a commit, Git uses this information to record the commit’s “author”.

Also, make sure to configure your favorite merge and diff tools. Although you don’t have to use external tools, it makes things a lot easier. Don’t worry: we’ll get into diffing and merging in detail in a later video.

In the course of this video series, you’ll learn about all important aspects of Git and Tower. However, if you need some more information, there are two interesting resources:

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