Pull Requests

Tower allows you to manage the most important aspects of Pull Requests from within the app.

Pull Requests

In this episode we will talk about Pull Requests and the different ways we can work with them in Tower.

Pull Requests are an important communications tool for dev teams around the world. Tower allows you to manage the most important aspects from within the app. Let’s take a closer look.

The Pull Requests view is easily accessible right from the sidebar. Clicking on the menu item will take us to a list of all the open Pull Requests for this repository. The tabs on the top right allow us to explore the available data about the Pull Request.

We can view the general information under the “Conversation” tab. There is an “Add comment” button for adding feedback or to discuss details.

In the “Commits” tab we can look at the specific commits in the Pull Request. Or if we prefer, we can also inspect the combined changeset for the whole Pull Request under the “Changeset” tab.

At the bottom, we’ll see buttons for the most common actions. For example, we can Check Out the Pull Request and create a local branch from it. This is very useful when we want to test the changes locally. We can also Close and Merge the Pull Request right from the same view.