Design & Develop Your Own Blog

Learn to build a lean & flexible blogging platform

Blog Concept

A blog is not just an ordinary website. It has its own special parameters and requirements.

In the course of this chapter, we’ll explore how to conceptualize a blog; about the main aspects you need to keep in mind when designing your blog.

Designing for Use

The most important question to ask yourself (probably when designing anything) is:

What is this thing used for? What shall it enable people to do?

In the case of a blog, the answer should not be running advertisements, selling stuff, or getting newsletter subscribers. Don't get me wrong: all of these are valid goals for a blog. But the answer to what a blog's most important job is should be a different one.

People come to your blog because they want to take in information. A world-changing idea, a well-founded argument, a funny story... whatever it is that your blog is about. But they're looking for content.

Therefore, your first and most important duty is to make it easy for people to read, ingest, and understand the content you publish.

How this should influence your blog's design will be the subject in part 2 of this course.

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