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Designing for Your Audience

Another core question to ask is who your audience is.

What type of person is your average reader?

A blog for 20-year-old skateboarders will look and work very differently than one that is aimed at 50-year-old stock traders. That's why you should invest a bit of time thinking about who your readers are: how old they are, what interests they have, what other sites they probably tend to visit…

Taking this one step further, you should also think about what your readers want. "Take in information", you say? Correct, but this time on a more specific level. If they want an in-depth understanding of a political situation, your content will probably be rather elaborate and contain fewer images. If they seek advice about a possible travel destination, you might have more photos. And if they want help buying a printer, you might need tables for comparing model features.

Keep a close eye on what your audience wants. It dictates how your blog should be structured and designed.

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