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Blog Design Inspiration

By now you should have a good idea what your blog is about. You have keywords describing the topics and desired reception of your blog; this gives you a better idea about what fonts, colors and general layout might be suitable or not. You've also set some goals you’d like to achieve with your blog.

Now it's time to gather some inspiration. While collecting screenshots, it’s a good idea to annotate them immediately so that you later still know why you made that screenshot. Maybe you were only interested in one specific element and not the entire page. You can also go one step further and do a mood board sorted by the various »elements« a blog is made up of. Think of elements like...

  • Blog Navigation
  • Article list layout
  • Article page layout
  • Article introduction
  • Body fonts, font sizes and font colors
  • Image galleries
  • Author information
  • Quotes
  • Social sharing links

Here are a couple of well designed blogs and platforms to get you started:

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