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A Structure for Our Blog

Finally, it's time to structure our blog content. We have to think about two different aspects:

  1. How can we lay out the folder and file structure for our posts in Kirby?
  2. How can we structure each blog post file? Which data fields do we need?

Folder Structure

To keep things organized, it makes sense to put all articles in a "content/posts" subfolder. Since a sorting order is desirable, we prepend each blog post's URL with an ascending number:

The article about the "Fu Manchu" is our oldest blog post; the "Chevron" piece is our newest.

Also note that we're using the articles' titles for the content file names: inside of the "01-fu-manchu" folder, we placed a "fu-manchu.txt" file.

Of course, we won't create a separate template file for each of our posts. Instead, we're using Kirby's default fallback: if it can't find a template named "fu-manchu.php", it will go looking for a "default.php" file - which we'll create in a minute.

Post Structure

Let's take another look at the template for our article view:

Each post is made up of the following data:

  • Title
  • Teaser image
  • Publication date
  • Author information (both the name and a short bio)
  • Links for the "Recommended Reading" area
  • Textual content (possibly with images)

Modeled into a set of Kirby data fields, we could structure a post’s page file like this:

Title: The Fu Manchu
Date: 2014-11-17
Author: Ralph Grando
- posts/dali
    - posts/handlebar

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet…

Having our content ready, let’s use and display it in our templates.

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