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git revert

The "revert" command helps you undo an existing commit.

It's important to understand that it does not delete any data in this process: instead, Git will create new changes with the opposite effect - and thereby undo the specified old commit.

Important Options


Specifies the commit you want to undo. Note that you can also provide multiple commit hashes if you want to revert multiple commits in one go.


Does not directly commit the created changes. By default, the reverting changes would be directly committed by Git. With the "--no-commit" option, the changes will only be created, but not committed. You could then edit them further and commit them manually.


Use the default commit message that Git suggests. By default, you would be prompted to enter a commit message for the new commit that is about to be created in the process. Using "--no-edit", however, you signal that you do not want to provide your own message, but simply go with the standard message that Git proposes.

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Usage Examples

Simply provide the hash of the commit you want to undo:

git revert a72ef02

Git will then create changes that have the exact opposite effect of the changes contained in this original commit - effectively undoing them. Use the "--no-commit" option if you want to inspect (and possibly further modify) these changes and commit them manually:

git revert a72ef02 --no-commit


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