Quick Open

Find and open your repositories easily (without touching the mouse).

Quick Open

In this episode, I will show you how to use keyboard shortcuts to quickly open a repository in Tower.

So let’s take a look. To access the Quick Open dialog, simply press Cmd+Shift+O (or Ctrl+Shift+O on Windows machines) or simply use the toolbar button.

Here, immediately - without any input - you will see a list of your most recent repositories, allowing you to resume work in your most frequented repositories.

Fuzzy search is of course possible, too. Type a few letters of a repository’s name and you will see all the matching results.

Do you want to search for a repository that you haven’t yet bookmarked / opened in Tower? No problem, the Quick Open dialog also tries to find repositories that you haven’t added to Tower, yet. This means you get easy access to all your Git repositories.