Ebook: Learn Version Control with Git

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Version control is an essential tool if you want to be successful in today's web & software world. This online book will help you master it with ease.

Aimed at Beginners

Little prior knowledge is required - which makes it perfect for beginners of programming, web designers and project managers.

Helpful Graphics

Many charts & graphics in the book make it easy to understand even complex facts and workflows.

It's Free!

The book is completely free. Start reading now and become a better developer!

Bastian Allgeier
Creator of the popular Kirby CMS
I love how this course guides you in a way that doesn't require a PhD in computer science - and yet makes you feel like a pro in the end.
Frank Karlitschek
Founder at Nextcloud
At Nextcloud, we use Git every day. This course helps everyone learn Git's key features - and be super productive with version control.

The Basics

Learn about the "what & why" of version control, its basic workflow, and get your hands dirty on a real project.

Branching & Merging

One of the best things about Git is its branching model. In this chapter, you'll learn what branches are, why they are so great - and how to use them in your work.

Sharing Work via Remote Repositories

To make collaboration possible, your code needs to be shared on a remote repository. This chapter explains what remotes are and how you use them to push and pull your team's changes.

Advanced Topics

Let's go deeper and take a look at some advanced topics: e.g. how you can undo mistakes, resolve merge conflicts, or work with tools like "Git flow" and "Git LFS".

Tools & Services

The ecosystem around Git has become fantastic in recent years: from desktop GUIs and diff tools all the way to the staggering amount of Code Hosting platforms.

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