Setting Up Git on Your Computer
Learn how to get started with Git on your local machine by setting it up through the command line or by installing a Git GUI such as Tower.
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Setting Up Git on Your Computer with a Desktop Client

We're using the Tower desktop client throughout this version of the book.
You can test the application 30 days for free before purchasing it from the online store.

Cross Reference

In case you prefer to learn Git on the command line, without a Desktop client application, you can switch to the "command line version" of this book at any time.

You can download Tower as a free 30-day trial from the website. As Tower comes with its own Git binary, you don't have to install Git yourself on your computer.

Configuring Git

In its "Getting Started" wizard, Tower will guide you through the few configurations that are necessary up front.

Now that we're ready to go, let's look at a basic workflow with Git.

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