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Complex Git actions (such as rebasing or merging branches) can be effortless. You'll just need a mouse... and Tower!

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Feature available for Mac and Windows.

Working with Commits

Commits are a big part of working with Git. Here's how this feature can help you:

Reorder Commits (Interactive Rebase)

In Tower's "History" view, drag and drop commits to move them around.

Cherry-Pick Commits

Drag one or more commits from another branch into your HEAD branch to integrate them. Hold to execute a Revert.

Squash/Fixup (Interactive Rebase)

Drag and drop one or more commits on top of another to combine them into a single one. Hold to fixup instead.

Working with Branches

Drag and drop will improve the way you work with branches. It allows you to:

Pull and Push Branches

Drag a branch onto the remote section to publish or push it. Perform the opposite to pull (or track by holding the key).

Merge/Rebase Branches

Drag a branch onto your HEAD branch to merge it. Hold to perform a rebase instead.

Create a New Branch

Drag a branch (or a commit!) to the "Branches" header to create a new branch based on the dragged item. This also works for tags.

More Powerful Actions

Drag and Drop can be helpful in many different moments. Here are some examples:

Apply Full/Partial Stashes

Drag a complete stash (or any single changed file) to the Working Copy to apply it.

Create Pull Requests

Drag and Drop a branch to the "Pull Requests" section to create a new PR based on the dragged branch.

Apply Committed Changesets

Drag any file from a previously committed changeset to the Working Copy to apply it.

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Our Users Love Drag and Drop!

Most of the workflows presented above would require a series of complex commands on the CLI. Tower does all the heavy lifting for you... and our users appreciate it!

Drag and Drop is Just the Beginning

There's so much more you can do with Tower!

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