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100,000 users in companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, Sony and eBay are using Tower to be more productive, prevent mistakes and deliver better software.

Tower for Enterprise

Tower helps your team build better software - in a more productive and secure way. Read on to learn about the additional features provided by our Enterprise Edition.

Toolchain Integration

Tower offers seamless integration with industry-leading services like Atlassian Bitbucket, GitHub, Azure DevOps, GitLab, or Perforce - both online and on-premises.

Simple Installation

Tower includes a bundled version of the official Git binary. No other software has to be installed on your users' machines!

Enterprise-Ready Licensing

Enterprise licenses are supplied with more activations per user. And our CLI tool allows admins to automate installation and activation of the software.

Advanced User Management

Enterprise customers can access advanced functionality in our customer portal: assign dedicated "license" and "billing" management roles and group users into "teams".

Priority Support

Our support staff is technically versed and will help with any open questions - no matter if they are about Tower, Git, version control in general or administrative topics.

Training Material

Our Enterprise offering includes full access to the "Tower Academy" with extensive learning material on Git and version control best practices.

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Let's talk about how Tower can help your team be more productive, prevent mistakes and deliver better software.

Matt Jones
Matt Jones
Contributor at Sensu-Plugins
Tower makes it trivial to use different operating systems, thus increasing productivity and cohesion across multiple teams.
Andreas Høyland
Andreas Høyland
Designer at Favo AS
Tower has given me and my team git-super-powers that would not be accessible to us without it.
Jesse Bilsten
Jesse Bilsten
Principal Designer at GoDaddy
I utilize Git in both design and development environments - and Tower is the only tool that empowers me in both.

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