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Pull Requests

Create, merge, close, comment and inspect Pull Requests right from within Tower! Integrated into our clear, responsive, and powerful desktop interface, Pull Requests become so much more useful.

Quick Actions

The brand new Quick Actions dialog gives you superpowers: Give it a branch name and it will offer a checkout. Give it a file name and it will present the file's history. Give it a commit hash and it will show it in the commit history. Fast as lightning, easy as pie.

Interactive Rebase

Interactive Rebase is an incredibly powerful tool - but also quite awkward to use. But now, in Tower, it has become as easy as drag and drop!

Powerful Diff Viewer

A powerful new diff viewer can now highlight inline changes, show the complete file, hide whitespace changes, and even display diffs for unstaged files. And on top of all this, it is completely customizable with shareable themes!


A little-known feature, but one with enormous power: Reflog can restore lost commits or branches, move back to a rolled back state, undo a cherry-pick or commit... and is now available in Tower!

Image Diffing

Tower is about so much more than just code. One example is the new "Image Diffing" feature: see exactly how your PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, JPEG2000, and HEIC files have changed - right inside Tower.

File History & Blame

We have redesigned both the "File History" and "Blame" views from scratch. They have become so much more useful and informative. Try it yourself!

Commit Details

We've reworked countless areas in the new Tower. Let's take the brand new "Commit Details" view as an example: with the changeset on the left and lots of space for the diff on the right, you can inspect and review a commit in a more focused manner.

User Profiles

With the new "User Profiles" you can quickly set or switch your committer identity. This makes it easy to use different profiles for work and private coding.

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Cansin Yildiz

Cansin YildizSoftware Architect at Udemy

The new Tower stays responsive even when I have thousands of files changed like a crazy person would have.

Collin Allen

Collin AllenSoftware Engineer

I can't even tell you how much I love Tower. It's easily my favorite development tool, and I depend on it every single day.

Andreas Høyland

Andreas HøylandDesigner at Favo AS

Tower has given me and my team git-super-powers that would not be accessible to us without it.

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