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Thousands of teams, in companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, and Sony are using Tower every day - to be more productive, prevent mistakes and deliver better software.

Is Tower Worth the Cost?

It's a very simple calculation: if Tower can save your team just 5 minutes per month, prevent a mistake or help undo one, Tower has already fully paid for itself.

Flexible User Management

Reduce administrative overhead with consolidated billing and advanced user management: easily onboard new team members, assign roles and permissions, grant and revoke access.

Better Collaboration

Tower offers the same, clear view on your code to everyone in your team - developers, designers, and other team members. Collaboration becomes much easier when a shared interface creates shared understanding.

Fewer Mistakes

Even small mistakes can quickly become very expensive, especially in larger software projects. Tower helps both prevent mistakes as well as undo them after they happened.

More Productivity

Tower helps your team achieve their goals more easily. There's a big difference between typing   git log --all --decorate --oneline --graph   on the Command Line — and a single click in Tower.

A Higher Level

Not everybody is an expert in Git. In fact, most Git users are limited to a handful of basic commands - and miss out on the more powerful tools. Tower helps your whole team, from beginners to experts, reach a higher level of knowledge & confidence with Git.

Time to Focus

Developers have a lot of complex topics to master: from programming languages and frameworks all the way to coding guidelines and security. Tower takes Git off that list and allows developers to focus on their actual tasks.

Try Tower with Your Team

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Tower has been named a High Performer product. 100% of users rated it 4 or 5 stars and users said they would be likely to recommend Tower at a rate of 95%.

Andreas Høyland
Andreas Høyland
Designer at Favo AS
Tower has given me and my team git-super-powers that would not be accessible to us without it.
Jesse Bilsten
Jesse Bilsten
Principal Designer at GoDaddy
I utilize Git in both design and development environments - and Tower is the only tool that empowers me in both.
Matt Jones
Matt Jones
Contributor at Sensu-Plugins
Tower makes it trivial to use different operating systems, thus increasing productivity and cohesion across multiple teams.

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