All of Git's Power

There's a lot more to Git than just adding commits and creating branches, but some advanced features can feel overwhelming.

Tower packs every Git feature into a friendly interface so that you can perform interactive rebases and resolve merge conflicts with ease.

Craft Better Commits

  • Use Single-Line Staging to craft granular commits
  • Inspect changes in depth with File History and Blame
  • Exercise utmost control with Interactive Rebase

Full Power, Zero Pain

Many features in Git are extremely valuable - but hard to use. Tower makes Submodules, Interactive Rebase, Reflog and other advanced features easy and effective.

Pull Requests & Remote Services

Clone your repos from GitHub / Bitbucket / GitLab / Azure DevOps with a single click. And manage Pull Requests right from within Tower.

More about Remote Services integration

Command Line vs Tower?!?

Simple tasks are easy to perform on the Command Line. Other ones, however, are much easier in a GUI - like visualizing the commit history or a merge conflict, accessing File History or staging single lines of code. This is not an "either-or": Tower and the Command Line are a perfect match!

Git LFS. Git-Flow. Git Everything.

Use all of Git's powerful feature set - in a GUI that makes you more productive.

Always Up-to-Date

New remote changes are fetched automatically in the background.

git-flow Support

Use the popular “git-flow” branching model right from within Tower.

Conflict Wizard

Solve merge conflicts with ease. Goodbye fear. Hello confidence.

Faster Committing

The commit dialog is integrated into the working copy view for faster access.

Unsynced Commits

Instantly see which commits haven't been pushed or pulled, yet.

Services Manager

Clone your repos from GitHub / Bitbucket / GitLab / Azure DevOps with a single click.

Tower is the tool of choice
for over 100,000 users worldwide

Frances Coronel

Frances CoronelSoftware Engineering Mentor at Thinkful

What took me minutes in the command line now takes seconds with Tower and that's why I'm never looking back.

Lukas Spieß

Lukas SpießEngineer at Microsoft

Tower is by far my favorite Git client and an essential tool in my everyday work.

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