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Esteban Torres
Esteban Torres
Engineer at SoundCloud
The new Tower adds a lot of great features that help me go on with my day faster; like the ability to create pull-requests directly from the tool.
Lukas Spieß
Lukas Spieß
Engineer at Microsoft
Tower is by far my favorite Git client and an essential tool in my everyday work.
Chris Coyier
Chris Coyier
Co-Founder at CodePen
Tower is the perfect level of abstraction away from command-line Git usage. A simple and powerful UI, but without hiding what makes Git powerful.


Drag and Drop Undo everything A unique Conflict Wizard File history Extensive documentation Great customer support... Tower makes Git easy and accessible.

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Pull Requests Single-line staging Interactive Rebase Submodules Git LFS Git-Flow File History Blame Cherry-Pick And so much more.

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Quick actions Single-click cloning Automatic stashing & fetching Quick open Tower helps you get the most out of Git - easily & effectively.

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Command Line vs Tower?!?

Simple tasks are easy to perform on the Command Line. Other ones, however, are much easier in a GUI - like visualizing the commit history or a merge conflict, accessing File History or staging single lines of code. This is not an "either-or": Tower and the Command Line are a perfect match!

The Full Power of Git

Take interactive rebase as an example: an extremely powerful feature, but difficult to use. Tower tames Git's raw power and gives you access to many advanced features, easily.

Beyond Git Commands

With a native interface for Pull Requests, a one-click cloning UI and many clever automations, Tower is much more than just a "Git client". It's the one-stop shop for your development work.

Tower is the tool of choice
for over 100,000 users worldwide

Dan Counsell

Dan CounsellCEO at Realmac

Tower is the perfect Git client, I honestly wouldn’t want to use anything else.

Jake Mauer

Jake MauerDirector of Design at Allovue

I often have to search by hash and quick actions make it so much easier, it’s a game changer!

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