Be More Productive with Git

Put less time into version control - and have more time for your projects.

Quick Actions

Switch branches, search for commits, open file history… we’ve streamlined many recurring tasks to be incredibly fast with Tower.

Undo Anything

  • Undo local changes
  • Restore old revisions
  • Revert commits
  • Recover deleted commits
  • Undo branch deletions

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One-Click Cloning

Clone remote repositories from your GitHub / Bitbucket / GitLab / Azure DevOps accounts with a single click.

More about One-Click Cloning

Automate the Boring Stuff

Fetching, stashing, updating Submodules... lots of things are done automatically for you, if you wish.

Tower is the tool of choice
for over 100,000 users worldwide

Jesse BilstenPrincipal Designer at GoDaddy

I utilize Git in both design and development environments - and Tower is the only tool that empowers me in both.

Collin AllenSoftware Engineer

I can't even tell you how much I love Tower. It's easily my favorite development tool, and I depend on it every single day.

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