Git Client for Mac

Tower - the most powerful Git client for Mac.

Tower is here to make using Git on your Mac easier. Git goes well beyond the basic features. So does Tower: it brings all the important features Git has to offer right to your Mac. As a beautiful GUI client.

Tower - the Mac Git client.

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Version control with Git - made easy.

Git is the future of version control. But using it on the command line can be difficult.
Make your life easier with Tower - the most powerful Git client for your Mac.

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Tower in 2 minutes.

From Beginner...

Learn Git with Tower. With its easy-to-use interface you'll be up to speed in no time. Tower takes the pain out of Git and makes complex tasks simple. Master

Tower has all of Git's advanced features waiting for you: single line staging, submodule support, file history...
Increase your productivity - without missing Git's power.

Git is the Future

Numerous well-known companies and OpenSource projects like Ruby On Rails, jQuery, or the Linux Kernel rely on Git every day. Learn more about Git's advantages. Productivity

Discard single lines of code. Cherry-pick commits. Create & apply patches. Work with git submodules. Use git-svn.
Tower is as powerful as Git - but without the sharp edges.

From Confidence...

Made a mistake? Just roll back to a previous revision. Want to try something out? Simply drag and drop to create a new branch. It worked in the past? Easily inspect any file's history.

Tower works nicely with your favorite tools & services

What people say about Tower

Tower is used by over 30,000 people in companies like

Repository Manager

  • All repositories in one place

    Keep track of your repos by grouping related ones, and by filtering or searching

  • Add / clone / create

    Add existing repos, clone from remote servers, or create new ones

  • GitHub & Beanstalk integration

    Directly create & clone new repositories on your GitHub or Beanstalk account

  • Drag and drop from Finder

    Add or open repositories per drag and drop

  • Ignore files & file patterns
  • Forgot to push? Need to pull?

    Quickly see if your local working copy is ahead of or behind the remote origin repository

  • git-svn

    Work with remote Subversion repositories right from within Tower

Commit History

  • Recent activities or full list

    See either all commits or just the latest ones in an optimized view

  • Detailed info

    See integrated diffs of changed files, copy content to clipboard etc.

  • History for everything

    See the history for any branch, tag, or even stash

  • Filter & search
  • Undo existing commits

    Revert certain commits or roll back your current branch to a previous commit

  • Cherry-pick for integration of individual commits
  • Create branches from commits
  • Export as ZIP and save patches

Status / Working Copy

  • All files or only changed ones

    View all files in a folder structure or only changed files as a flat list

  • View file contents

    View a file's contents directly in Tower; see staged / unstaged changes in integrated diff views

  • Commit changes and amend commits
  • Push, pull, and fetch from remote repositories
  • Add, delete, rename, untrack, etc. files
  • Staging Area

    Precisely define what shall be committed - by staging selected files, parts of files or even individual lines

  • Discard changes

    Discard unwanted local changes in a file, even on a single line basis

  • Revert files to previous states
  • Ignore files
  • Open and save files

    Open existing files in external applications or save files from past revisions on your disk

  • Resolve merge conflicts
  • Patches

    Create and apply patches


  • Save your current working state

    Save changes temporarily to a stash without committing and get a clean working copy (e.g. to work on an urgent bug)

  • Create, reapply, and delete stashes


  • Keep external subprojects / libraries cleanly separated with submodules
  • Fetch, update, open, and manage submodules directly in Tower

Branches, Tags, and
Remote Repositories

  • Easily create, delete and rename branches, tags, and remotes
  • Extensive branching support

    Push, pull, publish, track, checkout, or create new branches (from tags, commits, other branches)...

  • Merge and rebase support
  • Drag and drop

    Simply use drag and drop to merge, pull, create, etc.

  • Export files from a branch or tag

Browse Files & Revisions

  • Browse any revision's files

    See how your files looked - at any point in time

  • File History

    Diff any two revisions of a file and understand how it changed over time

  • Blame view

    See by whom and when each line in a file was changed


  • Integration of external diff apps

    View diffs in Kaleidoscope, BBEdit, Changes, FileMerge, Araxis Merge, TextWrangler, TextMate and more

  • Command line tool
  • Support for Full Screen Mode & Retina displays (Mac OS X 10.7)
  • Plug-in for Panic's Coda
  • Manage Git config

Requirements & Setup

  • Intel-based Mac
  • Mac OS X 10.5+
  • No Git installation required

Free for 30 days. All features.
Download trial for Mac OS 10.5