Tower: the Native, Cost-Effective GitKraken Alternative You've Been Looking For

Tower is a complete GitKraken alternative with a beautiful, native interface and uncomplicated pricing. Say goodbye to Electron's performance issues and complex pricing tables and become more productive with Git today!

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1. Native App for Mac and Windows

Unlike GitKraken, Tower was developed using native technologies on both macOS and Windows.

We went to great lengths to ensure high stability and stunning performance with beautiful, intuitive interfaces.

2. Simple, Affordable Pricing for Medium and Large Teams

Teams of more than 10 people will be happy to learn that Tower is a much more affordable solution — you will save 36% every year.

Don't let the "monthly" pricing fool you!
Unlike our competitor, we're also happy to see your team grow and we won't charge more if you exceed a certain user limit.

3. Best-in-Class Interactive Rebasing

With our versatile Drag and Drop feature, you can easily cherry-pick, fixup, squash, and move revisions around by simply using your mouse.

Say goodbye to the Interactive Rebase editor! You won't find this feature in other Git GUIs, including GitKraken.

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Comparison Table

Feature GitKraken (v8.8.0) Tower for Mac (v9.1)
1 License for macOS + Windows
Basic Git Operations
Merge and Rebase support
git-flow / LFS / Submodule support / CLI tools
GPG and Git Hooks Support
User Profiles
Command Palette (Quick Actions)
Undo Git actions
Git Hosting Services see below Limited
Merge Conflict Wizard Limited
Drag and Drop for Interactive Rebase or Cherry-Picking
Force Push with Lease
Advanced History Search (incl. by Date and Filename)
Customer Support & Documentation
Active Development
Free webinars, ebooks & tutorials

Git Hosting Services — Comparison

Both Git clients support a number of remote services for easy repository management, direct cloning and Pull Request handling. However, Tower supports more services than GitKraken.

Git hosting service GitKraken Tower
Bitbucket Server
GitHub Enterprise
GitLab CE
Azure DevOps
Azure DevOps Server
Perforce GitSwarm
Custom Server

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