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Tower is a powerful Sourcetree alternative with a beautiful interface, frequent updates and personal support from a team that is exclusively focused on making you more productive when working with Git.

But what exactly makes Tower superior to Sourcetree?
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3 Powerful Features That Set Tower Apart

While Tower has many advanced features you won't find in other Git clients like Sourcetree, we want to highlight these 3 unique features to show you why Tower is so popular.

Let's get to know these features a bit better ↴

1. Undo Anything in Git

Git works like a time machine, so it makes sense to go back and revert any unwanted changes in the Git client as well. Whether you want to recover a deleted branch, revert a commit, or simply undo local changes, Tower has you covered — unlike Sourcetree.

While there are many ways to undo certain actions in Git, nothing is more intuitive than ⌘ + Z — so we built just that.

You can undo pretty much any action with a simple keyboard shortcut. This is one of Tower's most unique (and loved) features!

If you're just getting started with Git, feel free to explore its wonderful features and make mistakes! You can always go back in time, just like you would in Git.

2. Drag & Drop for Easy Organization

Tower increases your productivity by enabling you to quickly perform many common tasks via Drag & Drop - no need to go click-happy like in Sourcetree.

Simple actions, like merges, pulls, and creations can be achieved this way - but if you need something more complex, like rebasing, be assured: Tower won't let you down.

Feel free to perform interactive rebase actions by dragging multiple commits around, moving them, fixup'ing or squashing them - all without ever seeing the interactive rebase editor.

Some Git actions are extremely powerful, but difficult to use. Tower's Drag & Drop feature gives you easy access to these advanced features.

3. Manage Pull Requests Directly in the Git Client

Git is about collaboration, so it makes sense to handle Pull Requests right in the Git client.

Without ever leaving Tower, you can:

  • Create a Pull Request;
  • Merge a Pull Request;
  • Comment a Pull Request;
  • Close a Pull Request.

This feature is compatible with all the most popular Git hosting services, like GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, or Azure DevOps.

Why waste time dealing with logins and browser tabs, like you would if you were using Sourcetree?

Happy Users That Migrated from Sourcetree

Some Tower users have tried Sourcetree in the past. This is what they had to say!

Comparison Table

Feature Sourcetree Tower
macOS + Windows support
Commit/discard changes & amend commits
Staging Area
Create/delete/rename Branches/Tags/Remotes
Merge and Rebase support
Submodule support
Command Line tools
Clone & create repos
Git Hosting Services see below Limited
Undo Git actions by simply pressing ⌘ + Z CTRL + Z
Drag and Drop support
Quick Actions
Merge Conflict Wizard
Automatic Stashing and Fetching
Force Push with Lease
Show GPG status in History
Reflog support
Quick Open
User Profiles
Advanced History Search (incl. search by Date)
Active Development
Extensive Documentation
Free webinars, ebooks & tutorials

Git Hosting Services — Comparison

Both Git clients support a number of remote services for easy repository management, direct cloning and Pull Request handling. However, Tower supports more services than Sourcetree.

Git hosting service Sourcetree Tower
Bitbucket Server
GitHub Enterprise
GitLab CE
Azure DevOps
Azure DevOps Server
Perforce GitSwarm
Custom Server

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Still on the Fence?
Here Are 4 Additional Features That Only Tower Can Do

We’ve streamlined many recurring tasks to be incredibly fast with Tower... so that you can become more productive than ever!

1. Quick Actions

If you enjoy using the Command Palette in a text editor like SublimeText or VS Code, you will feel right at home. Our Quick Actions panel is always just one shortcut key away.

2. Merge Conflict Wizard

Nobody enjoys solving merge conflicts, but our wizard makes it effortless. You can solve any conflict visually in seconds - no need to panic.

3. Automatic Stashing and Fetching

Repetitive actions like stashing and fetching can be automatically done for you in the background so that you can focus on what really matters.

4. Intuitive Interactive Rebase

Tower enables you to directly edit commit messages, delete commits, and perform the most popular interactive rebase actions (including fixup and squash) via drag and drop. Say goodbye to the Interactive Rebase editor!

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