Tower: The Sublime Merge Alternative That Makes Git More Accessible and Powerful

Tower is a superior Sublime Merge alternative that packs a beautiful interface, more advanced Git features, and frequent updates from a team that is exclusively focused on making you more productive and confident when working with Git.

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What Sets Tower Apart?

Tower is all about making Git easy, powerful and productive for everyone.
Compared to Sublime Merge, this is what we think you will appreciate the most:

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1. Intuitive Drag and Drop Support

Some Git actions can be extremely powerful but difficult to use. Tower's Drag and Drop feature makes these advanced commands accessible to anyone with just a couple of clicks.

Drag and Drop can be helpful for simple actions (like merges and pulls), but it can also be used for more complex operations, like rebasing: feel free to move commits around, cherry-pick, fix up or squash them — all without ever seeing the interactive rebase editor.

This is something that Sublime Merge completely lacks and that our users LOVE!

2. Remote Services Integration

Tower supports all the most popular Git hosting services, like GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, or Azure DevOps. This means you won't need to waste time dealing with logins and browser tabs, like you would if you were using Sublime Merge.

After adding your Services Accounts, you will have access to your entire list of repositories and you can handle everything right in the Git client. Feel free to perform actions such as:

  • Publishing a repository
  • Cloning an existing repository
  • Creating, merging, commenting, and closing a Pull Request

3. More Advanced Features

Compared to Sublime Merge, Tower has a more complete set of Git actions you can undo (by simply pressing ⌘ + Z) and a Merge UI that comes in handy when dealing with conflicts during merge sequences.

It also includes many other features you won't find in Sublime Merge, such as:

  • Branch Comparison
  • User Profile Management
  • Automatic Stashing and Fetching
  • Easy GPG Management and Status

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Our Users Love Tower

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Comparison Table

Feature Sublime Merge (Build 2077) Tower for Mac (v9.1)
1 License for macOS + Windows
Basic Git Operations
Create/delete/rename local branches and tags
Merge and Rebase support
Git Hooks Support
Submodule support
Command Line tools
Command Palette (Quick Actions)
Git Hosting Services see below
Automatic Fetching
GPG Support Limited
User Profiles
Undo Git actions Limited
Merge Conflict Wizard Limited
Drag and Drop support
Extensive Documentation
Free webinars, ebooks & tutorials
Customer Support

Git Hosting Services — Comparison

Unlike Sublime Merge, Tower supports a number of remote services for easy repository management, direct cloning and Pull Request handling.

Git hosting service Sublime Merge Tower
Bitbucket Server
GitHub Enterprise
GitLab CE
Azure DevOps
Azure DevOps Server
Perforce GitSwarm
Custom Server

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